How Old to Work at Ross?

At What Age Does Ross Hire?

Discount retail chain Ross Dress for Less offers careers in commercial retail stores, buying offices, warehouses, and corporate offices.  Offering thorough training for inexperienced individuals and a reputation for creating a fun work environment makes this company attractive to. Due to the nature of tasks employees must perform and work hours that extend beyond legal curfew for minors, this organization tends to only higher individuals who are 18 and over. However, some states allow minors as young as 16 to hold positions with this company if they have a work permit.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Work at Ross?:

  • Does Ross Hire at 17?–  No Though they prefer workers to be of legal age, some Ross locations allow 17-year-olds to hold non-hazardous positions.
  • Does Ross Hire at 16?–  No. Sixteen-year-olds with valid work permits may apply at Ross in certain states.
  • Does Ross Hire at 15?–  No. Ross employees must be at least 16 years old.
  • Does Ross Hire at 14?–  No. Jobs at Ross are often too dangerous for minors under 17.

Ross Application

Qualifications for Young Job Seekers

Aside from meeting the minimum age requirement for specific tasks, there are few necessary qualifications for workers at Ross. Ross often hires individuals currently attending high school, so they rarely restrict their hires to people with diplomas or GEDs unless the applicant is a minor wanting to work late shifts Having experience may prove beneficial to a job seeker, but a candidate lacking work history still earns hiring consideration.

Available Entry-Level Positions

  • Retail AssociateRetail sales associates carry the primary responsibility of ensuring customer satisfaction along with secondary loss prevention functions. Customer service duties include greeting and interacting with customers in a positive way and providing prompt, knowledgeable assistance. To keep product loss at a minimum, retail associates need to maintain awareness of customers in the store and frequently check on guests.
  • Night Stock Associate – Night stock associate jobs focus primarily on proper merchandise presentation. These workers may also provide customer assistance and run cash registers.

Both positions offer hourly pay between $8.00 and $10.00 an hour, but that may reach as high as $14.00 per hour depending on the job description and worker experience. Job hopefuls usually learn about job duties and pay upon receiving hiring notification. Typically, this takes a few days, or up to a week.

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