How Old to Work at The Home Depot?

How Old Do You Have To Be to Work at Home Depot?

At least 16 years old

Home Depot provides rewarding employment opportunities for entry-level job seekers. Hopefuls who meet the Home Depot minimum age and education requirements can apply for a position that offers good pay, great benefits, and exclusive employee discounts. While many Home Depot jobs require applicants to be at least 18, the company does allow 16-year-olds to perform certain tasks.

Candidates usually undergo one round of interviews, though some prospects may need to go in for a second meeting with a hiring manager. Some states may also require applicants under 18 to bring a work permit to their Home Depot job interview. Entry-level workers usually make above minimum wage and have the chance to earn bonuses and raises based on their job performance.

Home Depot Working Age

Although you typically have to be at least 18 years of age to work at Home Depot, the company has a few positions available for underage job seekers. These non-hazardous tasks allow young employees to earn money without violating state and federal child labor laws. Home Depot abides by the following guidelines when hiring underage employees:

  • Does Home Depot Hire at 17?- Yes. There are multiple positions available to 17-year-olds, including sales associate, cashier, and lot attendant.
  • Does Home Depot Hire at 16?- Yes. 16-year-olds can work as cashiers and lot attendants as well.
  • Does Home Depot Hire at 15?- No.
  • Does Home Depot Hire at 14?- No.
  • Can you work at Home Depot at 13?- No.

Home Depot Job Requirements

Some candidates who meet the Home Depot hiring age requirements may also need to meet other standards. Job seekers might need to have a high school diploma or GED before they are eligible for hire. The company may also administer drug tests and run background checks on potential employees. Stores may even require hopefuls to have previous customer service experience.

Available Entry-Level Positions

Cashier- Home Depot cashiers handle transactions and product returns. While operating the register, these employees interact with customers and answer questions in a friendly, timely manner.

Lot Attendant- Lot attendants help customers load product purchases into their vehicles. They also monitor the parking lot and keep the store entrance neat and organized.

Sales Associate- A sales associate at Home Depot offers friendly advice and customer service. These workers must be knowledgeable about all the products and tools on the sales floor to give accurate information and suggestions to shoppers.


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