How Old to Work at Walmart?

At What Age Does Walmart Hire?

As the largest private employer in the U.S., Walmart stands as one of the first choices for young people looking to join the workforce. Since customers can purchase alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, Walmart sets the minimum hiring age for entry-level store jobs at sixteen. Those looking for management roles or positions involving the use of machinery must be at least 18.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Work at Walmart?:

  • Does Walmart Hire at 17?– Yes. There are a wide range of Walmart occupations available to 17-year-olds.
  • Does Walmart Hire at 16?– Yes. Walgreens often hires individuals who are 16 years of age.
  • Does Walmart Hire at 15?– No. The minimum age requirement for Walmart employees is 16.
  • Does Walmart Hire at 14?– No. Federal law prohibits minors under 16 from working at Walmart due to their license to sell alcohol and tobacco products.

Walmart Application

Hiring Process & Interviews

Most entry-level jobs at Walmart require little-to-no experience in order to earn employment. An employee’s level of education is also irrelevant since many underage students apply for positions with the company. Managerial jobs at Walmart typically require experience in the retail industry as well as the minimum education of a high school diploma or GED. Some roles may carry physical requirements; however, exact qualifications vary by position and store location.

Available Entry-Level Positions

  • Cashier – Cashiers ring up purchases and properly bag items for shoppers.
  • Greeter – A Walmart greeter is in charge of welcoming customers into the store. They may also provide people with shopping carts, and direct them to different departments depending on what they are looking for. In some cases, they are also responsible for loss-prevention.
  • Customer Service Representative – These employees may move around the store assisting customers, or they may be in charge of handling returns and exchanges.
  • Stock Associate – Stock associates typically unload shipments, stock shelves and set up displays.
  • Sales Associate -These employees ring up items and assist shoppers in different departments of the store. Beauty sale associates recommend make up and skincare products, while Photo center sales associates perform photo shoots, and print or copy digital pictures for shoppers. The automotive, lawn and garden, electronics, pharmacy and arts and crafts departments also have their own sales associates.

Pay generally falls between minimum wage and $8.50 an hour for entry-level associates with the retail industry leader. Career advancement opportunities into managerial roles may lead to salary increases, as well.


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