How Old to Work at Wendy’s?

At What Age Does Wendy’s Hire?

As Low As 14 Years Old in Some Areas
Prior to applying for available jobs, applicants generally need to know at what age does Wendy’s hire. Younger applicants take particular interest in questions like, “Does Wendy’s hire at 16?” Luckily for individuals under 18, the hamburger chain hires on new staff as young as sixteen in most areas and even younger in others with proper permits obtained from local governments. The hiring age for entry-level fast food jobs may rest as low as 14 in some states. The low age requirements provide access to viable employment options with little-to-no experience and no real need for high school educations or GED equivalents.

Wendy’s Application

Hiring Process
Wendy’s usually informs applicants of intent to hire during face-to-face job interviews. Workers traditionally go through a round or two of in-person screenings to determine eligibility before hire; however, many employees receive informal, on-the-spot job offers upon submitting hiring forms. The need for workers and volume of applicants greatly influence the ability of candidates to receive immediate job offers or require the navigation of typical hiring procedures. Entry-level associates receive minimum wage starting pay upon hire, which usually serves as a topic of discussion management touch on when extending formal job offers.

Entry Level Job Opportunities
At fast food chains like Wendy’s, entry-level job opportunities fall under catchall positions like team member. A typical team member carries out multiple functions, including sanitation of kitchen, counter, and dining areas, ringing up purchases, preparing food, stocking supplies, and interacting with customers. Individuals with excellent interpersonal skills and outgoing personalities generally make ideal candidates for team member jobs. Experience in food preparation may prove advantageous as well, although the fast food chain trains entry-level associates in required duties upon hire.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does Wendy’s Hire at 17? Yes.
  • Does Wendy’s Hire at 16? Yes.
  • Does Wendy’s Hire at 15? Yes.
  • Does Wendy’s Hire at 14? Yes.

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  1. daijae

    can I be 15?

  2. Angel

    Can I work at wendys when I turn 14?

  3. Searra

    If you are only 14 or 15 and you start to work at Wendy’s, then what type of jobs will you have to do there?

  4. website_manager Post author

    It depends on what state you live in and the specific age requirements of your local Wendy’s franchise. Ask for more information at a location near you.

    1. Ishawna

      I am 15 years old with a work permit.I live in Chicago Illinois will any Wendy’s out here hire me?

    2. adrianharris

      how old do you have to be to work part time at Wendy
      in Missouri

  5. Kristina

    So in Iowa you can be 14 and work at fast food restaurants such as, McDonald’s and Wendy’s?

  6. Tahlib haliburton

    Can you be a manager/shift supervisor at 16?

  7. jasmine bailey

    how much money do you make in an hour? do you have to start that day or week and how much money will you get if you are a dishwasher?


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