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Originally a chain of restaurants later turned hotels, Howard Johnson operates more than 430 locations globally. Upon falling under control of international Wyndham Worldwide in the mid-2000s, the prominent chain looks to staff existing locations and hire new workers for future expansion.

Facts About Working at Howard Johnson Inn

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Howard Johnson Inn?)

Available Positions: Guest Services Associate, Guest Services Lead, Housekeeper, Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Representative, Laundry Attendant, Rooms Control, Director of Marketing, Competitive Sales Representative, Maintenance Technician, Part-Time Life Guard, Room Service Server, Housekeeping Inspector, Inventory Clerk, Bilingual Housekeeping Manager, Casual Food and Beverage Attendant, Casual Guest Service Agent, Common Area Attendant, Activities Supervisor, PBX Operator/Dispatcher, Operations Manager, HR Coordinator, Pool Attendant

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Howard Johnson Job Opportunities

Howard Johnson, also referred to as HOJO, divides operations into corporate-owned and franchised locations. Nearly every U.S. state hosts franchised or corporate-owned locations in addition to more than a dozen other countries worldwide. The unique brand recognition spurred by highly visible orange and teal color schemes spanning decades also lends to the ongoing success of the hotel chain in attracting both guests and new and motivated workers. Excellent job settings also draw and retain thousands of associates annually.

Applicants may find viable employment options within either division of operations offering competitive pay, advancement opportunities, and access to work benefits packages. Franchised locations often provide individual requirements, while corporate locations adhere to stricter standards of hiring. In general, candidates must exhibit personable, dedicated, and attentive attributes. Hotels like HOJO historically keep 24-hour services and require applicants to assume night, weekend, and holiday hours upon hire. Customer service serves as a cornerstone of operations, regardless of affiliation with parent company Wyndham Worldwide. The ability to communicate with others effectively may drastically alter consideration during the hiring process.

Howard Johnson Employment and Pay Scales

Hotels must set the minimum hiring age for most available jobs at 18 years of age due to the nature of the industry. Select job titles may require applicants to stand at least 21, hold secondary or more advanced degrees, and possess related experience in similar fields. However, Howard Johnson hotels hire on entry-level workers with the most consistency. Widespread hiring needs remain typical for the following job titles:


  • In order to gain employment, applicants in search of housekeeping positions only need high school educations and minimal backgrounds in sanitation services.
  • The minimum wage-paying entry-level job offers part-time and full-time hours as well as opportunities to move into supervisory roles over time.
  • Typical responsibilities include cleaning, organizing, and restocking hotel rooms.
  • Housekeepers also maintain hallway corridor and lobby cleanliness.
  • Due to the use of solvents, bleaches, and other potentially harmful chemicals, housekeepers must use diligence and caution when on the job.

Guest Services Agent

  • Howard Johnson also regularly needs to hire on responsible and reliable individuals to work the hotel front desks.
  • Guest services agents primarily carry out check-in/checkout duties, including reserving rooms, taking room service orders, issuing keys, completing sales, and answering questions about policies, services, amenities, and local entertainment.
  • The data-entry heavy positions require excellent written communication and organizational skills.
  • Irregular schedules prove fairly common for the job title.
  • The hotel chain asks aspiring guest services agents to hold primary-level diplomas or GED equivalents, telemarketing and/or sales backgrounds, high-functioning tendencies in fast-paced work settings, and open availability.
  • Familiarity using computers also plays a role in final hiring decisions.
  • Pay scales often range between $8.00 per hour at start and up to $10.00 with experience.


  • A specialized role in Howard Johnson kitchens, the position of steward encompasses several traditional restaurant roles.
  • Primary assigned sanitation and organizational duties, stewards empty garbage, clean dishes, silverware, and kitchen equipment, clear work stations, put food away, and rotate out buffet items, as needed.
  • The highly physical job title requires applicants to possess stamina and good overall health prior to employment, as stewards typically perform daily tasks on foot and lift upwards of 100lbs. at times.
  • Workers should also maintain open and flexible schedules.
  • HOJO usually places stewards in shifts lasting up to eight hours or more; however, the role offers both part-time and full-time scheduling.
  • The average steward earns roughly minimum wage upon hire, with opportunities to make in excess of $10.00 with solid work performance.

Tips For Applying

A member of the Wyndham Worldwide family of brands, Howard Johnson uses an online application system to onboard potential staff members. Applicants may access available jobs through the parent company careers page. New users to the hiring platform must create logins and passwords to move forward with the process. Creating a profile simply requires a valid email address and organically generated password. Once an applicant creates a username, the candidate may search through available jobs and apply for multiple positions.

Application Status

The careers page hosted through Howard Johnson parent company Wyndham Worldwide provides each applicant with a personalized landing page. One of the main features of the landing page allows candidates to check on the status updates for outstanding applications. By clicking on My Jobpage, workers may search through previously submitted hiring forms to see which ones received formal review and which ones still remain pending review. Additional methods of checking on application status include calling, emailing, or visiting preferred locations in person. On average, the hiring process takes at least a week to complete.

Benefits of Working at Howard Johnson

Howard Johnson associates benefit from the corporate proprietorship of an industry leader. The international hotel cares for employee health, professional development, and overall enjoyment in everyday roles. In addition to competitive pay, avenues for career growth, and paid training the hospitality company provides healthcare, retirement savings, and paid time off. Specific job benefits include:

  • Medical coverage
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Sick days, and
  • Discounts on travel and hotel stays.

Work benefits may vary from franchise to franchise and by position and tenure.

Additional Information on Howard Johnson

The renowned hotel operations of Howard Johnson began in 1954; however, the company originated in the mid-1920s as a chain of ice cream parlors. Early success as a restaurant chain provided the frameworks for the modern business models used to operate the hotel chain and sustain growth and prosperity across several decades. While the first restaurant opened in the New England state of Massachusetts, the first HOJO hotel opened for business in Savannah, GA.

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