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Began in 1955, H&R Block operates as a tax services provider with locations in the United States and Puerto Rico. Job seekers may find work at more than 12,000 storefronts, with over 80,000 employment opportunities available throughout the company.

Facts About Working at H&R Block

Minimum Age to Work at H&R Block: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at H&R Block?)

H&R Block Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 7:00am-7:00pm; Closed Saturday and Sunday

Available Positions at H&R Block: Tax Professional, Client Services Associate, Receptionist, Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

H&R Block Job Opportunities

One of the most recognizable companies in the financial services industry, H&R Block offers dynamic job settings with room for career growth and opportunities for ongoing training. Constantly changing legal landscapes require both applicants and employees remain current and up-to-date on tax laws. Pride taken in assisting customers relies heavily on the industry knowledge associates possess. Workers must adapt to changes in policies and communicate variances in tax laws or other procedures to customers in effective, courteous, and attentive manners. Some background in financial services, business, or customer service often helps candidates gain preferential treatment during the hiring process.

The most basic positions for hire require individuals to work full-time schedules and spend a majority of shifts speaking directly with the general public. Jobs available consistently incorporate computers for data entry purposes, which requires applicants to feel comfortable sitting down and sometimes working in front of computer screens for long periods of time. Ethical standards also play extremely important roles in overall hiring decisions. Applicants must show the ability to take responsibility for actions and remain transparent at all times. General work environments hover around positive, constructive criticism, which the company believes creates more possibilities for success than centering on failures or mistakes.

H&R Block Employment and Salary Information

H&R Block jobs require applicants to stand at least 18 and hold high school diplomas. In addition to high school or GED-equivalent educations, most locations prefer applicants with some college coursework completed in the fields of finance, math, and/or accounting. Some of the steadier career options available include:

Tax Professional

  • Also known as tax associates, tax professionals assist customers with financial future planning.
  • Tax professionals assess client needs through in-person interviews and then tailor services specific to each customer.
  • The confidential nature of the work requires employees to act in accordance with employee agreements signed upon hire, which protect client information.
  • Other job duties include marketing, client retention, and assisting teammates.
  • Communication and computer skills headline desirable traits sought during the hiring process.
  • The ability to meet deadlines and adapt to high-pressure, fast-paced settings also factor into tax professional jobs.
  • Pay scales begin at $10.00 per hour and rises steadily with experience and tenure.

Client Services Professional

  • The first and last persons to interact with customers at branch locations, client services professionals must possess excellent communication skills and friendly, genial attitudes.
  • Client services workers pair customers with the appropriate tax professionals able to best meet personal needs, including scheduling follow-up appointments and assisting with needs via phone or email.
  • The full-time, entry-level position requires candidates to frequently multitask and sit at desks for extended hours.
  • At start, client services professionals earn close to minimum wage, with hourly pay resting around $8.00 or $9.00, on average.


  • H&R Block locations impose three-tier management systems in order to ensure operations and customer satisfaction.
  • Base-level managers, or office manager I positions, serve as team lead roles and primarily include the supervision, training, and scheduling of entry-level staff.
  • Office manager II and III careers revolve around more administrative functions, like payroll, branding, and policy assurance.
  • The upper-level roles also include the hiring of new employees.
  • Workers should possess expert knowledge of tax laws and financial services in order to assume office manager jobs.
  • Managers must also complete in-house training programs designed to assess industry knowledge.
  • The full-time positions feature hourly pay scales and annual salary options starting at $12.00 an hour for office manager I titles and reaching in excess of $50,000 a year for upper-level managers.

Tips For Applying

Updated knowledge of current tax laws comes into play for most positions available through the financial services chain. Applicants must take pre-employment exams assessing abilities related to the field in order to gain employment. A brief questionnaire generally precedes the formal application for employment. Brushing up on tax laws or other relevant information, such as basic computer skills and customer service abilities, may place motivated candidates over ill-prepared individuals.

Application Status

The ability to follow up with hiring personnel depends largely on how quickly applicants complete required pre-employment testing. After submitting materials necessary for hire, candidates generally wait between two and three weeks to hear back from management. Individual hiring needs may provoke branches into contacting prospective workers to interview within a few days. If no contact occurs between managers and applicants, potential associates may use phone calls or emails to inquire about further steps in the process and any timetables potentially available regarding final decisions on candidacies. The two methods work best for checking application status; however, workers must remain aware of managerial schedules to avoid interfering with day-to-day operations.

Benefits of Working at H&R Block

The financial services company cares for employees through comprehensive job benefits packages featuring health and wellbeing assistance, future planning services, and time off. Work benefits regularly include:

  • Healthcare options with no co-pays
  • Dental vision plans
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • 401(k) retirement plans with four-percent company match
  • Tuition assistance and legal help

Employees also enjoy discounted tax preparation services.

Further Details on H&R Block

The national deadline for income taxes ends on April 15 annually. However, despite tax season representing the busiest period for the financial services company, H&R Block offers customers year-round tax consultations. Customers may go through tax returns multiple times prior to final submissions in April or use the professional auditing services available through the company to ensure conformity to current tax laws. Business also benefit from year-round consultations, with bookkeeping, payroll, and general tax information available at reasonable prices.


  • Robilee J Marquez says:

    I worked as a Tax Preparer with H&R Block 2011, 2012, and 2013. I chose to take a full time position in a diff field for 2 years. I found that working for H&R Block doing taxes and offering Block products is what I’d rather be doing. in the course of 3 years with Block my production steadily improved. By my third year I was in the top 3 in production -right behind 2 30-year gurus in our office. I had a very good client base. When the IRS required we take the RTRP exam, I, was the first 2nd year preparer in our district to take the exam. I passed it on the first try. I am committed to H&R Block’s ethical standards, and it’s tax preparer training. When facing any tax client I want to be armed with all the knowledge possible to serve that person. Through H&R Block’s course offerings and system for building on tax knowledge, I am confident that in doing my part to meet H&R Block’s expectations of me, our clients are getting the best.

  • ALAN DANIELS says:

    I work at the Grand Plaza Office in Tampa, Florida as a CSP. I have been working for Block for 20 plus years, and 15 of those years at the Grand Plaza Office. I’ve gotten to know many of the clients and they have gotten to know me.

  • phylis says:

    Worked for HR Block for 3 seasons in the customer service. Loved it and the office and all the tax pro I worked for.

  • Doris Whaley says:

    I worked at H&R Block 2008, 2009 and 2010 as a part-time Tax Prepare personnel. I enjoyed processing clients taxes and assisting them with questions about Block products and other tax questions.

  • Elsie Romero Orona says:

    Yes, for three seasons, 2013, 2014 and 2015 as Customer Service. Thoroughly enjoyed working with staff and providing quality customer service. I agree it is a good place for employment. The work schedule worked great for myself, I had other employment. The manager, Tammy , treated every one with respect and encouraged our learning for better customer service. It would be an honor to have the opportunity for employment with H & R.

  • Carol says:

    Hi. I worked at H&R Block for one season, as customer service representative, and it was good. Liked the team and the work. Thanks!

  • Doreen Allen says:

    I did the backroom function: Daily updates, ran reports, printed checks, and called the clients daily per the report for the tax advisor and any follow up. I also did any special projects they needed. Greeted and scheduled clients and kept the area up and the clients comfortable if they were waiting.

  • Dawn Rhodes says:

    I worked as a Client Service/Receptionist in 2007, 2008, and 2009.
    Scheduling/Rescheduling appointments on Clendar Manager Computer Software for new and returning clients. Handed out brochures, new folders to give and introduced clients to a Tax Advisor to do their tax returns and hopefully have a refund coming to the clients. I filed tax documents and kept important information confidential. Made Copies, Faxed and Printed Documents and Pay Checks.

  • evelyn hood says:

    I worked for H&R Block as a Client Service Receptionist in 2019
    I worked out of three of H&R Block Office within same year to make sure there was CSP available for these offices, The task I did was Scheduling/Rescheduling appointments on portal for new and returning clients. handed out brochures, new folders to give and introduced clients to a Tax Advisor to process their tax returns. I filed tax documents and kept important information confidential. made copies, faxed and printed documents and process payments for clients. make sure office stay clean and office supplies were available for Tax Advisor. I would love to return again as CSP.

  • Helen Jordan says:

    Customer service on the front desk. I made appointments, checked customers in . Took payments .and all other related jobs.

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