H&R Block Interview Questions & Tips

Different Positions Warrant Different Interviews

The interview process used to screen workers for both entry-level jobs and professional careers at H&R Block varies greatly. Customer service representative job seekers typically spend between a few days and two weeks completing various stages of interviews and assessments. Tax preparer positions and other professional job titles often require additional screening lasting up to several weeks. In some cases, candidates may spend as many as a few months going through the interview process.

Customer Service Positions

Customer service job seekers generally begin the H&R Block hiring process by submitting employment forms to hiring officials and awaiting callbacks to schedule interviews. Resumes and cover letters typically represent the types of forms needed in order to receive hiring consideration. Based on the applicant information provided, the financial services company deliberates over candidate eligibility and contacts prospective workers via telephone to schedule interviews. Job interviews primarily feature one-on-one formats consisting of basic, casual conversation regarding the position desired, company culture, and personal and professional interests. One interview usually proves sufficient to render final hiring decisions. Successful applicants receive job offers during the final interview, in most cases.

Upper-Level Roles

Applicants in search of tax preparer or managerial jobs face increased scrutiny during the H&R Block interview process but experience similar procedures. Workers sit through a single job interview and answer questions about professional motives, related job skills, and availability. However, the average length of interviews for tax preparer and managerial job titles may run in excess of an hour or more. In addition to in-person interviews, the H&R Block hiring process for tax preparers may feature multi-class training programs applicants must complete before hire. Workers must pass the class with marks of 90% or better to receive invitations to interview. Some locations bypass the training program stage of the hiring process, depending on applicant experience. Employee referrals also expedite the interview process.

Typical Interview Questions

Though intensive in many other ways, the H&R Block hiring process includes very basic inquiries during question-and-answer sessions. The financial services chain may ask prospective associates about expectations of the company, work environments, and potential job duties. Other interview questions range from, "What have you learned from previous jobs that helped prepare you for this opportunity?" and "What did you like/dislike about your last job?" to "Have you ever had to work as part of a group?" and "How would you handle a customer complaint?"

Show an Understanding of the Industry

While each position available calls for different skill sets, all employees should possess friendly, dedicated, and assertive personalities. Individuals with backgrounds in customer service and financial services often receive preferential treatment during the interview process. Dress in professional suits or dresses to each H&R Block interview. Appearances, while not determinant, may influence chances of receiving job offers. Speak confidently, articulate ideas in concrete manners, and provide examples of applying financial concepts, tax laws, and even customer service practices in order to demonstrate a strong fit for available jobs. Express gratitude for the opportunity throughout the hiring process and bring extra resume copies. Hiring personnel often follow along with candidate resumes during question-and-answer sessions.


  • Milagro says:

    What type of credit check does H&R Block run, what are they looking for? In what cases do you not get the job because of your credit history?

  • Marcy says:

    Wore a pant suit and brought my resume and references. The woman interviewed prior to me wore nice slacks, shirt and vest. Had to fill out a questionnaire prior to the interview on what offices and hours I’d be available to work. Interview was 1.1 and it lasted 25 minutes. Was asked why I applied for the position, what I did in my last position to defuse a tense situation, how do I prioritize work during busy/stressful times and what was the worst aspect of a past job. Other questions as well, but can’t recall them all. During the interview, the manager was writing 1’s and 2’s after each questions (hoping these scores are on the high side of the scale??) The interview ended and I was asked if I had questions. I asked about training and she said that was provided (didn’t say I’d pay for it) thanked for coming in. Pay was not mentioned during the interview, however I did check on the website glassdoor.com and they pay anywhere between 8.00 – 10.50 and hr and you pay for any training. Nothing was mentioned about a back ground check. Waiting to see if they call back or not.

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