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Serving over 51 million individuals in 73 countries, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, or HSBC, remains a leader in the banking industry. Ambitious workers interested in starting fulfilling careers in the field find part-time and full-time jobs with ease.

Facts About Working at HSBC

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at HSBC?)

Available Positions: Teller, Sales Associate, Administrative Assistant, Data Entry Clerk, Bank Teller, Branch Customer Service Representative, Personal Banker, Bilingual Account Opening Supervisor, Anti-Money Laundering Quality Assurance Specialist, Assistant Manager, Branch Manager, Manager Marketing Strategy, Project Manager, Management Information Accounting Analyst, Officer, Accountant, Loan Servicing Representative, Records Administration Specialist, Business Banking Specialist, Unit Operations Manager, Collections Representative, Senior Credit Policy and Risk Analyst, Auditor, Retail Mortgage Consultant, Bankruptcy Specialist, Intern

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

HSBC Job Opportunities

After the establishment of the company in 1865 to finance trade between Europe and Asia, the major banking institution opened the first United States location in San Francisco 10 years later. Since the inception of the company, HSBC maintains a reputation for excellence. Job seekers who demonstrate abilities to think quickly, work as dedicated members of teams, and remain personable and upbeat for the duration of shifts snag the attention of hiring personnel. Familiarity with company policies and history may also earn aspiring associates favor for available jobs.

The prominent bank employs over 13,000 workers around the world in numerous capacities such as customer service, retail, technology and service, and global trade. Job seekers of diverse backgrounds and interests find entry-level positions with HSBC and climb through the ranks to settle into satisfying careers. Candidates who value the core company principles of outstanding service, effective and efficient daily operation, and integrity impress during screening processes and on applications. Additionally, fluency in more than one language and four-year degrees in related fields may earn interested hopefuls special chances to advance.

HSBC Positions and Salary Information

Most available entry-level jobs require interested individuals to hold high school diplomas or GED equivalents. However, employment opportunities also exist for university students and job seekers with disabilities. Weekend and evening availability serve candidates especially well for the following work provisions:


  • Offered in full-time and part-time capacities, the position of teller typically garners pay rates of $13.00 to $15.00 an hour.
  • Any previous experience with customer service, sales, or handling cash gains candidates preference but does not stand as a prerequisite for hire.
  • Regular job duties include accurately conducting customer transactions, maintaining exact counts of monies in assigned drawers, promoting the brand and any ongoing programs, meeting sales and referral goals, and cultivating relationships with bankers.
  • Highly developed math and computer skills give interested individuals added appeal.

Branch Customer Service Representative

  • Friendly individuals with proficiency communicating verbally and in writing make ideal customer service representatives.
  • Workers looking for full-time or part-time commitments may find the position fitting.
  • Responsibilities ascribed to customer service representatives include building lasting relationships with individual account holders, listening to customer issues and offering possible solutions, meeting sales and referral goals, coordinating with superiors to offer the best service possible, and maintaining knowledge of products and services.
  • Customer service representatives earn hourly wages between $14.00 and $17.00.

Personal Banker

  • Job seekers who excel at multi-tasking and enjoy the challenge of a sales-driven position should submit applications for personal banker positions.
  • Responsible for connecting with clients face to face, over the phone, and through other channels, personal bankers must remain personable and may need to travel short distances in surrounding communities.
  • Additionally, individuals filling the position assess customer problems and offer relevant products and services, educate bankers about ongoing promotions and HSBC products, and serve as liaisons between customers and the company.
  • Annual salary packages for personal bankers range from $50,000 to $55,000.

Tips For Applying

The company careers webpage offers interested individuals hints and tips about the HSBC application process. Ambitious job seekers should read over the page before creating profiles with the company job portal. Hopefuls may upload updated resumes, which highlight relevant experience, skills, and volunteer work, to expedite the process. Furthermore, applicants must provide personal information, references, and education backgrounds. Reading over all entered information for inaccuracies helps candidates appear professional.

Application Status

Given the impressive span of HSBC operations, hiring managers may not possess the time to reach out to each applicant. Qualified individuals generally receive callbacks between two weeks and two months after submitting applications. Work hopefuls may track the status of applications by logging into created job portal profiles or by calling or visiting targeted locations. Conduct all follow up communications with courtesy and professionalism. Dress well when visiting locations as on-the-spot interviews may occur.

Benefits of Working at HSBC

HSBC offers associates comprehensive job benefits packages.

  • Part-time and full-time workers enjoy paid time off, performance-based recognitions and awards, and flexible scheduling options.
  • Additional employment benefits include healthcare coverage, life insurance, and 401(k) retirement plans.

More Information on HSBC

As a company with worldwide presence, HSBC dedicates many resources to sustainable business practices and environmentally friendly education. In 2014, the leading bank donated over $113 million to sustainability and nearly three times as much to European charities and non-profits. Employees volunteered about 304,000 hours of time during work hours over the course of the year. Ongoing projects include young adult education and scholarship initiatives as well as work to protect and provide sanitized water and freshwater to areas in need.

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