HSBC Interview Questions & Tips

How the Process Starts and What You Need to Know

In traditional banking industry format, HSBC applicants participate in phone screenings to begin the hiring process. The banking company hires workers based on information physically submitted to individual bank branches by resume or online via the company careers site. Depending on the work history and professional backgrounds of eligible candidates, HSBC selects highly qualified individuals to further interview over the phone. The initial phone interview often lasts only a short while, between 15 and 20 minutes. Candidates exuding ideal traits and positive attitudes then receive formal invitations to interview with bank managers and human resources representatives onsite.

Common Hiring Sessions

Past the initial phone screening, HSBC conducts multiple rounds of job interviews to select new employees. Regardless of position, the average workers participate in at least two job interviews. The first face-to-face interview typically includes technical questions based on the specific responsibilities of the position for hire. The second job interview plays out in more informal fashion and often touches on personal interests, hobbies, and professional desires, both related and unrelated to the banking industry.

Additional Rounds of Screening

Applicants successful in the second job interview may receive an offer of employment on the spot. Hiring managers then put candidates through background checks and possible drug screening to begin the official on-boarding process. In some cases, a third job interview may prove necessary. During the interviews, the banking company wants to know what applicants chose HSBC specifically. Other standard interview questions relate to job duties or other technical aspects of positions available.

Specific Examples of Interview Questions

Common HSBC interview questions include: "If someone you worked with was unable to carry out responsibilities, would you assist them and how would you go about it?" and "Can you recall anytime where you had a problem or discrepancy with a former supervisor or manager?" Most interview questions relate to interpersonal communication skills or customer service.

Professional Dress and Attitudes

Wearing formal business dress to interviews often demonstrates a professional attitude toward the potential job. Applicants should always stress customer service when providing answers to posed interview questions. If possible, demonstrate knowledge of company product lines and services and act in an enthusiastic but confident and controlled manner at all times. HSBC typically lets qualified candidates know of an offer for work within a few days of the last interview to initiate necessary on-boarding procedures. Most applicants receive formal notice of job offers on the spot.


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