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Huddle House pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Huddle House Application

The Huddle House PDF application offers candidates suggestions on how to improve odds of gaining employment with the restaurant chain. One of the ideas presented on the first page of the hiring forms includes visiting sites in person and handing employment documents over to management directly. Downloading the printable versions of the application allow job seekers the ability to meet with managers for extended periods of time and ask specific questions regarding the hiring process and other aspects of daily operations. Showing up with a completed form in hand communicates intense interest in jobs available and demonstrates preparedness. Printing the documents also enables candidates to apply at more than one location simultaneously and with ease.

How to Fill out the Huddle House PDF Application

Workers must choose a specific type of employment heading into the application. The form clearly asks candidates to indicate a career field of choice at the top of the document, with job hopefuls selecting between server or cook positions. Individuals then complete the one-page form using visible shades of ink and avoiding mistakes, if possible. However, prospective associates may reprint the documents to correct errors, if necessary.

“Application for Restaurant Employment”
The opening section of the single-page hiring form opens with lines for the date and candidate Social Security numbers. Below the two lines sit spaces for workers to enter basic contact information, such as names, phone numbers, and addresses. Applicants must note time spent at current addresses. Additional lines ask for positions desired, potential start dates, salary expectations, past employment with Huddle House, willingness to work nights and weekends, indication of full-time or part-time intentions, reliable means of transportation, and felony arrest records, if applicable.

“Education History”
Candidates move on to a section concerning academic backgrounds. A brief chart offers workers the ability to provide details for high schools and colleges attended. Include the names, cities, and years completed for each institution. Below the chart, the Huddle House PDF application asks workers for an intermediary contact in the event hiring staff remain unable to reach prospective associates to set up interviews. Place the name, address, relationship to, and phone number for the contact on the lines provided.

“Former Employers”
Printable application users must also add information about past employers on the hiring documents. Starting with current jobs or most recent positions held, applicants offer the names and addresses of former employers, dates worked, names of supervisors, telephone numbers, beginning and ending salary options, specific titles held, and reasons for leaving. Candidates willing to share additional background information may attach resumes or separate sheets of paper detailing employment histories in full.

“Conditions of Employment”
The mostly informative Conditions of Employment section of the downloadable application offers job hopefuls specific information regarding hiring policies and dissemination of the facts provided on the documents. The statements also serve as waivers certifying the information remains as truthful and as accurate as possible. Paragraphs outline the potential penalties for providing false information, as well. If in agreement, candidates sign and date the form on the bottom lines.