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Specializing in breakfast served around the clock, Huddle House maintains optimal staffing levels at hundreds of restaurants throughout the Southeast and Midwest by hiring new employees on a continual basis. The restaurant chain focuses on providing Southern hospitality and encourages workers to form personal connections with customers. Each location also emphasizes cleanliness and quality food.

Facts About Working at Huddle House

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Huddle House?)

Available Positions: Team Member, Server, Cook, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Field Training Manager, Warehouse Employee, Class A CDL Truck Driver

Printable Application: Yes. Print Huddle House application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Huddle House Job Opportunities

Dedicated to meeting the dining needs of underserved communities in rural areas, Huddle House tends to hire associates capable of embodying small-town charm and hospitality. Job seekers demonstrating the ability to converse and connect with customers regularly gain employment over less engaging candidates. Many locations serve as community hotspots where employees greet each guest personally and remember the names of repeat customers. Each restaurant within the chain features a family-oriented environment conducive to the satisfaction of patrons and workers alike. In fact, many associates work for the restaurant chain for 10 years or more.

In addition to offering employment at freestanding locations in small towns, Huddle House maintains restaurants next to convenience stores and within travel centers on major highways. The various restaurant formats combine to create a steady stream of jobs for potential workers while exposing current associates to a diverse base of customers. As each location remains open for 24 hours a day, employees also enjoy ample opportunities to work flexible schedules featuring refreshingly varied combinations of daytime, night, and weekend shifts. The company hires to fill positions ranging from restaurant jobs up to corporate careers.

Huddle House Employment and Salary Information

Huddle House restaurant jobs include team member positions ideal for entry-level candidates and management careers more suitable for experienced workers. Cooks and servers perform team member duties and often work on a part-time basis, while managers provide restaurant leadership and generally maintain full-time schedules. The list below contains more information about each job title:


  • Cooks at Huddle House work in open kitchens and prepare meals in full view of customers.
  • The entry-level job entails constantly handling ingredients and kitchen utensils, demonstrating menu knowledge, and operating cooking equipment like griddles and waffle irons.
  • Cook employees must remain familiar with company recipes and standards of food quality.
  • The team member position also involves standing and moving for the duration of work shifts.
  • Hourly pay for cook jobs typically ranges from minimum wage to $10.00.


  • Responsible for personifying the down-home image of the Southern-style restaurant chain, servers forge connections with customers in addition to waiting on tables.
  • Server jobs require associates to greet patrons warmly, record food and beverage orders accurately, fulfill customer requests promptly, and remedy any issues effectively.
  • Employees working as entry-level servers also need to demonstrate familiarity with the menu when customers ask questions or solicit recommendations.
  • Applicants earn hiring consideration by exhibiting the ability to engage others in conversation as well as the capacity to provide exceptional hospitality.
  • Servers rely heavily on gratuities to supplement an hourly pay rate generally hovering between $2.00 and $3.00.


  • Managers make sure each restaurant operates according to the standards of cleanliness, customer service, and food quality imposed by the company.
  • Successfully managing the restaurant involves analyzing sales data and maintaining profitable business operations, hiring capable workers and scheduling the proper number of employees for each shift, training entry-level associates to comply with companywide policies and procedures, and addressing customer concerns when problems arise.
  • Managers often work closely with cooks in the kitchen to ensure consistency in the quality and presentation of food.
  • In addition to overseeing restaurant operations, managerial workers promote the Huddle House brand and build relationships within the local community.
  • Previous leadership experience in the restaurant industry serves as the primary hiring requirement for open management positions, which each feature annual salary options ranging from $25,000 to $50,000.

Tips For Applying

While managerial and corporate candidates may apply online by submitting resumes via email, entry-level job seekers must visit a local Huddle House restaurant to start the application process. Applicants should gather all relevant materials, such as details of past jobs and contact information for references, before going to the restaurant to demonstrate preparedness and ensure a productive visit. When applying in person, prospective associates should also wear presentable attire and ask to speak with the manager directly in order to show a willingness to take initiative and convey an image of professionalism. Job seekers should keep in mind restaurant hours, which include 24-hour-a-day services, in mind, as candidates with flexible schedule availability or a preference for night shifts frequently enjoy increased chances of securing employment. Applicants should conclude visits by handing the completed forms directly to the manager and politely asking for a timeframe in which to expect a response.

Application Status

If the anticipated timeframe passes without a response from the restaurant manager, job seekers should follow up with Huddle House either by phone or in person. Follow-up contact should contain a polite inquiry into the current status of the submitted application and reiteration of interest in the job. Applicants choosing to follow up in person should also dress in a professional manner when visiting the restaurant.

Benefits of Working at Huddle House

Equally committed to customers and employees, Huddle House demonstrates commitment to workers by offering extensive job benefits. Associates enjoy access to:

  • Competitive pay
  • Comprehensive training, and
  • Opportunities for career advancement with a growing company.

Additional employment benefits, such as healthcare coverage and 401(k) retirement plans, remain left to the discretion of individual franchisees and often vary based on job title and worker status.

Additional Information on Huddle House

Introduced in 1964, the name of the Huddle House brand came from the idea that the restaurant would serve as a place for people to assemble, or ‘huddle up,’ and dine with family and friends. Unlike other brands of eateries, the restaurant chain makes a point of targeting smaller towns and often opens locations in communities otherwise lacking full-service dining options. With a focus on Southern hospitality, the company specializes in breakfast and derives roughly 60% of sales from menu items traditionally associated with the morning meal. In addition to providing food for dining customers, the restaurant chain maintains an online store offering balloons, pens, hats, coffee mugs, t-shirts, jackets, and other merchandise emblazoned with the company logo.

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