Humana Insurance Interview Questions & Tips

Typical Hiring Practices

Humana, one of the largest healthcare firms in the United States, screens applicants looking for sales and customer-oriented positions. After the receipt of applicant information, human resources representatives contact eligible workers to schedule interview sessions. Generally taking between a few days and several weeks to complete, the insurance company interview process involves phone screenings and multiple one-on-one or panel job interviews. Prospective employees may need to complete online assessments during the interview process as well, depending on the position sought,.

Basic Interview Topics

Before interviewing, candidates should come up with examples to effectively illustrate abilities to perform the responsibilities of the desired job. Most candidates cite passing group interviews before meeting with hiring managers face-to-face. Candidates respond to commonly asked Humana interview questions such as, "What would you do if a situation got out of hand?" and "Have you ever had to make a decision that would affect your entire team?" Applicants who exude friendly, motivated, and enthusiastic personalities, who also demonstrate required academic abilities, often receive job offers.

Prospective Sales Associates

Sales positions meet with hiring personnel in one-to-one meetings before proceeding to panel interviews with two or more representatives. Face-to-face interviews tend to feature behavioral questions, such as "Why Humana and not our competitors?" and "Can you tell me a time you went above and beyond for a sale?" As the hiring process progresses, questions focus more on applicant work background and education. "How do you keep track of your sales?", "How do you handle mistakes when they're made?", and "How did you overcome rejection in your last sales position?" represent frequently asked interview questions. Candidates for sales positions may be required to take licensing exams in order to sell insurance.

General Considerations

Humana uses the interview process as an opportunity to touch on topics common to the industry, including suitable dress to wear on the job, codes of conduct, potential training, and day-to-day procedures. Customer service candidates should present neatly groomed and businesslike appearances.Workers who use helpful illustrations from past employment concerning overcoming challenges in the workplace often make an impression on hiring personnel. Display a genuine desire to work in the insurance industry and answer all interview questions sincerely. Candidates who demonstrate persistence by following up after the conclusion of the hiring process sometimes succeed in obtaining job offers, as well.

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