Hungry Howie’s Interview Questions & Tips

How Howie's Interviews

Famous for making pizzas with flavored crust, Hungry Howie's unique take on a classic menu item allows the pizzeria chain to remain successful despite the presence of larger and longer established competitors. Each restaurant location uses the interview process to identify suitable candidates for entry-level and managerial job openings. To ensure continued success, the pizza chain hires workers dedicated to delivering a quality product and speedy service. Managers or restaurant owners typically interview job seekers individually and often decide whether to hire after a solitary meeting.

The Most Common Hungry Howie's Interview Questions

"Why do you want to work at Hungry Howie's?" represents one of the most common interview questions applicants face during the hiring process. Interviewees should respond by referencing attributes unique to Hungry Howie's or by outlining past experiences and personal skills relevant to working at a pizzeria. Hungry Howie's interviewers may also ask, "What are your dreams and goals for the future?" to glean information on general motivation levels and specific career aspirations of candidates.

Maximize Your Odds

Applicants with extensive employment histories often have to field questions about prior work experiences and should clearly communicate the ways in which former jobs provided sufficient preparation for current vacancies. Entry-level and managerial job seekers alike frequently encounter behavioral questions like, "What would you do if a customer inaccurately claimed you made a mistake?" or "How would you handle an employee who was always missing work?" during Hungry Howie's interviews, as well.

Dress Appropriately and Follow Up

Dress up a bit for the interview, as Hungry Howie's hiring managers like to see that candidates know how to appear professional and are serious about getting the job. Consider each question carefully before responding and politely ask the Hungry Howie's interviewer to clarify any confusing inquiries instead of making a hurried attempt to answer. Greet the hiring manager with a firm handshake and friendly smile at the start of the interview, remain actively engaged throughout the meeting, and ask about the hiring timeline or preferred method of follow-up afterward.


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