Hurley Job Interview Questions & Tips

General Tips and Background Information

Based out of California, the Hurley clothing company serves as one of the most popular retailers in the country. Most products sold gain inspiration from outdoors activities like skateboarding, surfing, and "West Coast" culture. To help convey a message of fun and youthful excitement, the chain puts a strong emphasis on employees. The company looks to hire fun, friendly, and hard-working individuals through the interview process. However, stores receive hundreds of applicants every day, so job hopefuls must strive to stand out from the competition during interviews. Putting some hard work before the interview process may ensure successful hiring.

How Many Stages Does the Hurley Hiring Process Have?

The Hurley interview process usually consists of one to three stages, depending on the position. Most applicants usually participate in initial phone screenings after submitting the required employment forms and hiring materials. Candidates must use the brief telephonic interactions to schedule interviews. Consisting of a single question and answer session with a manager, the in-person interview usually lasts around 30 minutes and features several topics. Following interviews, eligible candidates receive invitations to final orientation processes before becoming probationary employees.

Behavior Based Questions and Why You Chose Hurley

Most interview questions revolve around typical retail scenarios and situations. Often, managers ask behavior-based questions like: "If you saw a coworker stealing from the company, what would you do?", "How do you handle large groups of customers?", and "When you enter a store, what attracts you the most?" The retail chain tends to get very brand-specific during the interview process. Applicants may need to share personal reasons for liking the Hurley brand, such as favorite apparel items and accessories. Prepare to discuss favorite fashion trends as well as attractions to working for the brand.

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