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How to Get Hired at an Ice Cream Shop
Customer service skills prove vital in the ice cream industry. Workers must ensure guests leave with pleasant memories of the experience, atmosphere, service, and ice cream, which increase the likelihood of return trips. Employers usually do not require entry-level candidates to hold previous experience working for ice cream parlors, though positions in management or ice cream-making often entail more rigorous training for less qualified individuals. Job hopefuls typically stand as young as 16 years old, depending on applicable state laws. Generally, a high school diploma or the equivalent proves sufficient for applicants to achieve hire in any position, including managerial roles, at ice cream parlors across the U.S.

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Job Outlook
Over 80,000 people currently work in more than 7,600 ice cream companies active in the industry, according to an IBIS World report. Still, competition from the progressively more popular frozen yogurt bar industry necessitates ice cream makers undertake new strategies to remain profitable and thriving. Inventive sweet creations may draw curious patrons to the shop. Many stores now personally make the ice cream in the shop as opposed to ordering from distributors to appeal to customers who prefer locally produced goods. Businesses also strive to create higher-quality products in attempts to fulfill more exclusive and upscale niches in the food industry as well as attracting the growing population of health-conscious consumers.

Job Descriptions and Pay
Basic team member employees scoop ice cream, add toppings, and present the completed desserts to the waiting customers, among sanitation and maintenance duties. Cashiers operate the registers and handle monetary transactions, though responsibilities may overlap with team members. Many establishments do not distinguish between the two positions. Management supervisors train new employees, oversee daily operations, and essentially keep the store running in a profitable and safe manner. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median annual pay for managers in restaurants and other eateries at $46,360. Food service employees earn around $8.75, on average.

Common Ice Cream Shop Job Descriptions

Team Member – A common entry-level position in ice cream shops and stands remains the team member. Usually upbeat and friendly individuals, team members must work well with others and constantly provide quality customer service as patron impressions of the establishment largely depend on the service delivered by the associates. Other crew member expectations include the ability to answer customer questions, preparation of treats as per customer specifications, replenishment of stock, maintenance of store cleanliness, and the handling of cash and card transactions via a cash register. Associates often benefit from an ability to learn quickly and a familiarity with menu options. Most ice cream establishments do not specify age limitations and do not require candidates receive any formal education but provide on-the-job training sessions. Team members tend to earn minimum wage as compensation for labor.

Management – Most managerial positions stand filled with individuals possessing extensive experience in the food service industry, and the position of manager may remain an aspiration for team members. Highly organized individuals stand preferred to fill managerial positions as supervisors must oversee various aspects of the ice cream establishment. Regular duties include managing inventory, ensuring health regulations and standards remain met, overseeing food preparation, investigating and resolving customer complaints, creating staff schedules, and maintaining the budget of the shop. Additionally, managers must hire and train new crew members and terminate deserving associates. Managers must obtain at least a high school diploma or the equivalent before consideration and earn an average annual salary of $48,000.