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Hiring process information for an interview at ICING

Basic ICING Interview Process Information

In order to obtain an ICING sales job, an applicant typically needs to participate in one face-to-face interview with a hiring manager. In cases with numerous applicants, the retailer holds group interviews. Hiring managers looks for customer service and sales skills in each interview. Common questions posed during ICING interviews include: "What are three reasons I should hire you?" and "What is your customer service background?" In most cases, successful applicants receive job offers from ICING before leaving interviews.

Tips for Supervisors

For supervisory roles, like third key holder, assistant manager, and general manager positions, applicants face multiple rounds of job interviews conducted by ICING district managers. First interviews typically start out with open-ended questions designed to evaluate personality traits. Some interview questions may consist of: "What are your values?" and "What do you like about ICING?" Managerial applicants may also be asked several behavioral questions that probe relevant work experience. In the second interview, managerial candidates are asked a number of competency-based questions like: "How would you handle a shoplifter?" and "What would you do if the store is about to close and sales numbers have not been met yet?" Many management interviews feature salary negotiations, as well.

Wear ICING Merchandise

Job seekers should come to interviews 15 to 20 minutes early. Applicants looking for sales associate jobs should dress presentable but show some stylish flair. Management job seekers need to wear formal business attire. All applicants should try to incorporate ICING jewelry or accessories into personal looks. Wearing company products to the interview shows interviewers personal interest in the brand.

Attitudes and Availability

During ICING job interviews, employment hopefuls should exhibit upbeat personalities and passion for jewelry and accessories. Answers for interview questions should remain direct and well-thought-out. Candidates should emphasize customer care with each answer. For sales positions, the nationwide employer doesn't require applicants to possess previous work experience. Candidates with experience should share work histories and, if possible, job hunters should express flexible availability.

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