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IGA pdf application

What Should I Do With This Form?

Job seekers interested in a position at IGA should download and print the above PDF. The directions below help a candidate fill out the application. When finished, drop it off at a local store. Also, read about working at IGA and search for jobs nearby.

Careers at IGA

As a worldwide chain of grocery stores, IGA has thousands of locations. The company hires for entry-level jobs in various departments. Full-time associates receive employment benefits, and all workers enjoy flexible hours.

Applying to IGA

IGA applications are quick and easy to complete. Be sure that all responses are clear and succinct. Fully answer all prompts regarding employee information, job history, and education.

General Personal Data

Begin by reading the opening statement. Prospective hires then list their name, address, phone, and social security number. This is necessary to process the application and contact job hopefuls.

Job Selections

Those who want IGA jobs must specify a desired position and start date. Next, mark any available shifts to work. Choices include part-time, full-time, days, nights, and weekends. An accurate schedule helps managers make hiring decisions.

Worker Questions

For each question on the application, job seekers need to provide an truthful response. Topics include former employment at IGA, legal work status, age, and criminal background. These answers give an overview of the applicant’s eligibility, but do not impact chances of hire.

Schooling and Special Training

In this section, applicants will record the schools they attended and for how long. Make sure to add the locations, as well as degrees earned. Most IGA jobs do not require higher education, and the company encourages students to apply.

Potential hires then check boxes to highlight their extra training. Options involve technology and typing. There is also a space to list skills not already on the job application. IGA mentions foreign language experience as a relevant example.

Employment History

Here, possible employees write in previous jobs. Note the dates of work, details of employers, and reasons for leaving. Listing specific duties shows if someone is a good fit for an IGA job.

Final Signature

Toward the end, candidates indicate whether or not they have been fired from a job in the past. They must fill in their expected hourly wages too. Finally, all need to sign and date the bottom of the application form. After reviewing everything, turn it in to a manager at any IGA that is hiring.


  • Amber PACE says:

    Is it better to print out the application form and take it in to near by IGA, or fill in online.
    If it needs to be filled in online how do you go about doing it ?

    Kind Regards,
    Amber Pace

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