IHOP Dishwasher

IHOP Dishwasher – Job Description & Interview

Job Description and Duties

What Does a IHOP Dishwasher Do?

IHOP dishwashers perform an assortment of job duties. Primarily, a dishwasher works in the kitchen area and cleans dirty pots, pans, silverware, and plates. Dishwashers operate dishwashing machines or wash items by hand.

Additional Duties

IHOP dishwashers must maintain an orderly work environment by cleaning the kitchen and guest seating areas. Basic cleaning duties include taking out trash and clearing tables. Additional job duties include unloading trucks and stocking supplies.

Salary and Compensation

How Much Do They Get Paid?

The average pay rate for an IHOP dishwasher is $9.00 an hour. Hourly wages may increase with experience. A dishwasher looking to gain a higher salary may want to advance into a higher-level position. Some dishwashers may earn job benefits, such as 401(k) benefits, paid time off, healthcare coverage, and life insurance.


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IHOP Dishwasher Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
IHOP Dishwasher: I was at IHOP, and I washed dishes, unloaded the truck, filled up the place, and did everything they needed me to do.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
IHOP Dishwasher: The work environment was nice. It was always busy; customers are always coming in, so it was nice.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part about working there?
IHOP Dishwasher: When we got busy I liked to wash the dishes, keep everything clean for the cooks and the dining room.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee.
IHOP Dishwasher: Fast, busy. It was good.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
IHOP Dishwasher: It was very nice. You had to be clean, make sure you answered the questions properly. Everything was all right.

Interviewer: What kind of questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
IHOP Dishwasher: “Do you have transportation?”, “Can you be on time?”, and if you could do the work they wanted you to do.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
IHOP Dishwasher: To be clean, to be on time, and to always pay attention to what you are doing.

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