Indianapolis Power and Light Job Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Indianapolis Power And Light

Entry-Level Screenings

Indianapolis Power & Light, a company owned by AES, regularly offers entry-level positions in power plant operations. Candidates applying for positions must possess familiarity with off-road mobile equipment used for handing coal, ash, and earth. Applicants must also pass the POSS/MASS test and physical abilities test. Hiring managers look for prospects with formidable physical fitness, safety awareness, and good records in attendance and punctuality.

Expectations for Dress and Common Interview Questions

When preparing for the interview, consider clean, neat dress suitable for manual labor. Prepare for general questions testing aptitudes in performing the various aspects of the job, like "How well do you deal with heat, dirt, and noise?" and "Could you move 'X' load repeatedly on a day-to-day basis?" Use an assertive, straightforward tone when interviewing with a hiring manager. Keep answers succinct yet informative.

Typical Timelines

The Indianapolis Power & Light hiring process typically takes one to two weeks, on average. Applicants, upon submission of hiring materials, receive requests for onsite evaluations and interviews. Expect to remain at the location for a few hours in order to accommodate for testing as well as one-on-one sessions with management. Greet all management with firm handshakes and remain attentive during all engagements. Successful applicants typically receive hiring decisions at the conclusion of the interviews.

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