InterContinental Hotels Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at InterContinental

Company Background

InterContinental, also known as InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, operates as one of several brands under the company banner. The worldwide hospitality group maintains nearly 200 properties across the globe and conducts hiring for a variety of positions in hotel operations and customer service on a regular basis. Applicants in search of jobs with the hotel chain must successfully navigate the hiring process, which may span a few days and up to a couple of weeks, on average.

What to Expect During the Average Interview

A typical InterContinental job interview includes a brief question and answer session with a single hiring representative. Typically in the form of a department supervisor or a district/area manager, the hiring official walks applicants through an average day in the position in question and fields questions related to the job and the hotel industry, in general. One interview generally represents the extent of total interviews encountered during the hiring process. Managers may experience multiple interviews and varying interview formats, depending on location.

Team Players and Open Availability

Job seekers must present professional and appropriate behavior during InterContinental interviews. The hotel chain looks for employees who possess strong work ethics and open availability. Many workers start out in irregular schedules as InterContinental associates and graduate into more regular shifts overtime. Willingness to work in team-oriented settings and take shifts available rank highly as desirable traits among prospective employees.

InterContinental Interview Questions

InterContinental job interviews screen candidates for open availability, among other qualities, using industry-standard questions, such as: "What do you enjoy the most about the hospitality industry?", "Are you a shy or outgoing person?", and "Have you ever held a position in customer service before?"

Final Considerations

Formal attire may help workers drive home professional personalities and demonstrate a serious attitude toward gaining employment. Hiring officials make formal job offers both during and after the final interview. Applicants should expect to receive job offers on-the-spot; however, the hotel chain may take up to a couple of weeks to let candidates know of formal employment.

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