What Would Your Friends Say About You?

Job Interview Questions and Answers: How Would Your Friends Describe You?

What Interviewers Are Trying to Learn About You

During the interview process, employers are trying to find out who you are as a person and whether your skills and personality match the job description. Managers can learn about your strengths and weaknesses by asking how your friends, family, or former employers might describe you. Your answer can also help them get a sense of your general disposition and social skills.

Crafting a Strong Response to “What Would Others Say About You?

The most important thing to remember when answering this question is to focus on your positive attributes. Talk about how other people see you as friendly, hardworking, determined, reliable, and dedicated. If you mention any negative attributes, talk about the steps you are taking to improve in those areas.

Answers to Avoid

When responding to the question, “How would your friends describe you?” avoid talking about weaknesses that would disqualify you from the job. For example, saying that others would describe you as absentminded would make you seem unfit for work that requires strong attention to detail.

Sample Responses for Questions About What Others Think of You

Coming up with an answer that highlights your best qualities while also showing humility can be difficult for some job seekers. Take a look at the following examples to help you shape a response that shows you in a positive light.

Sample Job 1 – Hotel Manager

“They would say that I am meticulous and have a strong work ethic. Former bosses and coworkers always joked that I was part machine because of how much work I did each day. Some of them might also say that my perfectionism makes it difficult for me to work well with others, but I’ve started trying to loosen up a bit and welcome more input from other team members.”

Sample Job 2 – Retail Worker

“My friends would describe me as helpful and determined. Some of them are on the gymnastics team with me and often ask for pointers to improve their athletic skills. They have also seen me doing extra workouts and practice drills whenever we hang out together, so they know that I am committed to being my best and pushing myself to succeed.”

Sample Job 3 – Educational Tutor

“I think others would say that I am fun and reliable. I like to boost morale around the office and lighten the mood when things get stressful. My coworkers often come to me when they need to talk or want some help on an assignment. However, one friend told me that I rarely step outside my comfort zone. That is what led me to apply for this job that I always wanted to do but was afraid to pursue.”

Key Points to Remember

Questions about how others view you allow you to prove that you are both self-aware and humble. Remember to discuss your positive attributes with honesty and confidence. When you bring up your weaknesses, present them as challenges you are working through to achieve personal growth.

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