Are You Applying to Any Other Jobs?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Are You Applying To Any Other Jobs?

Reason for the Question

One of the questions a hiring manager may ask during the interview is, “Are you applying to any other jobs?” Companies use this tactic to see if you’re applying to competitors and gauge your interest in the industry. If your answer shows them you’re exploring similar businesses or positions, it could work in your favor or against you, depending on how you reply.

How To Respond

While it may seem like a trick question intended to stump you, answering this question truthfully is the best course of action. Even if you haven’t applied to any other jobs, you can put a positive spin on your answer while remaining honest. If you have applied to other jobs, you should make it clear why you’re applying to this position in particular and what about it excites you.

Responses To Avoid

Don’t give the hiring manager too much information with your answer. Letting a supervisor know you haven’t had any other interviews may give them the impression that you aren’t a desirable candidate. On the other hand, an applicant who has had several interviews with their competitors may seem out of reach.

Sample Responses To “Are You Applying To Any Other Jobs?

When preparing to answer this question beforehand, take time to develop an honest response. Sit down and make a list of other places you’ve interviewed, if possible. Use the following example answers as a template when creating your own response.

Sample Answer 1 – Housekeeping Cleaner

“I have a couple of interviews scheduled with some local competitors in the next two weeks. While both are well-known and respectable companies, this was the first position I applied to. I’ve heard many good things about your service, and I would like to bring my work ethic and dedication to this impressive team.”

Sample Answer 2 – Truck Driver

“I’m still early in the application process, but your company was one I wanted to apply to right away. I have plenty of experience hauling this type of cargo, which I feel makes me a good candidate for this position. I also know people who have worked here in the past, and they’ve had nothing but good things to say about your approach to the job, and that’s something that I want to be a part of.”

Sample Answer 3 – Bank Teller

I am applying to other companies in the area, but this branch is the best fit for me. I’ve always been good with numbers, and I really enjoyed working with people from my previous job. Also, as someone who banks here myself, I know that the quality of service you provide is excellent.”

Things To Keep in Mind

Your answer to the question, “Are you applying to any other jobs?” may seem tricky at first. When coming up with a response, it’s always best to focus on the positives. Highlight why you’re applying to that company in particular, and show the hiring manager what skills and knowledge you can bring to help the business.

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