Are You Legally Authorized To Work In The United States?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Are You Eligible to Work In The USA?

What Employers Are Looking For

Why Am I Asked About Citizenship?
Though criteria vary by position and company, all jobs carry requirements which applicants must meet. When interviewers ask about legal work authorization, honesty remains the best policy. Falsifying information regarding employment typically disqualifies job seekers, while in some cases may lead to jail time, fines, or deportation. The question extends to work permit statuses, citizenship information, and legal records. While felonious convictions do not always bar employment or require disclosure, specific criminal acts may prove relevant to types of industries which prohibit candidates with particular backgrounds from applying.

Age Factors
Age also factors into legal work authorization. Though some jobs may stand available for employment hopefuls 15 years of age and older, many employment opportunities require candidates stand at least 18 years old to apply. Do not mislead interviewers with fictitious statements relating to age, as many companies only offer positions appropriately suited to several age groups. The interviewer may make legal and appropriate accommodations if given honest and accurate information from respondents.

Review Qualifications
To ensure the smoothest process when confronted with questions on work authorization, determine relevant qualifications before the interview. If respondents remain international students or immigrants, interviewers generally expect candidates to stand able to produce employment permits and visas for verification. Typically, U.S. citizens over the age of 18 with clean criminal records face no legal restrictions regarding work authorization.

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