Are You Over the Age of 18?

Age-Related Interview Questions

Hiring managers can’t ask interviewees how old they are. Instead, they’ll use the question “Are you over the age of 18?” This allows them to confirm that job hopefuls are of legal working age without putting them in danger of discrimination.

In addition, different labor laws apply to minors than to adults. For instance, employees under the age of 18 are required to take more breaks, must have employment permits, and can only work a certain number of hours a day. These are important factors to consider in the hiring process.

Labor laws vary from state to state. Federal policies take precedence over state laws when they are more favorable to the minor. This is why it’s important for hiring managers to learn the approximate age of a job seeker during the interview process.

Things to Avoid

Candidates shouldn’t come right out with their age, even when interviewers pose the question appropriately. Prospective workers also won’t endear themselves to hiring managers by getting defensive. Applicants should find out beforehand if they are old enough to hold the job to avoid wasting time applying.

Strong Answers to “Are You over the Age of 18?”

The best way to handle the question is with a simple yes or no. Hopefuls can then go on to emphasize some other ways they qualify for the job.

Sample Responses

These example answers to “Are you over the age of 18?” should give candidates a better idea of how to address the question. Be sure to tailor actual responses to personal life experiences and the exact position at hand.

Sample Answer 1 – Cashier at a Department Store

“Yes, I am over the age of 18. I’ve also gotten high grades in every math and public speaking class I’ve taken. I meet all the qualifications for this job.”

Sample Answer 2 – Stock Room Associate at an Office Supply Store

“I am of legal working age, yes. Additionally, I’m a very organized and diligent worker. You should see my closet at home. I have all my clothes sorted by season and color. I can find what I’m looking for in a matter of seconds.”


Before applying, do research to see if the position has an age requirement. This will help avoid surprises at the job interview. Calmly answer yes or no. Candidates who get defensive or provide a specific age may seem unprofessional.

One user comment:

  1. Warren


    Instead, keep your answer concise — answering honestly with either “Yes” or “No”. Immediately after responding “Yes.”; I mention to the Interviewer that I have documentation to back my statement.

    NOTE: Among the documents and certificates in the organizer I have brought to the interview, are my Birth Certificate and Social Security Card.

    Only if asked, will I reveal these two pieces of identification. If the Interviewer does not ask to see one or both forms of ID, these pieces remain in the planner I have brought to the interview.
    Even though EOE mandates exist, most employers desire to take on “team” members who fall between the ages of 20 to 28 years of age. Again, unless necessary, should you reveal your age or year of birth.


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