Are You Overqualified for This Job?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Do You Have Too Much Experience for This Job?

Things To Keep In Mind

Applicants need to understand no one person ever fully satisfies a position for hire in an ideal sense. Every candidate carries faults, overcompensations, understated abilities, or training beyond expectations. Perfect matches rarely exist in the professional world, and even workers who appear to represent the best fits may still come up short. However, hiring personnel continue to use qualifications as measuring sticks of the individual types needed to grow or sustain growth as a company. Applicants must generally meet basic qualifications for employment consideration.

What To Expect

Job seekers sometimes run into instances where exceeding qualifications becomes detrimental to candidacy. Workers with more qualifications than necessary may face specific questions regarding applying for jobs with lower, minimum standards. Some employers may outwardly refer to candidates as overqualified, while others may pose concerns as questions, such as: “Do you think you are overqualified for this job?”

The Best Responses

If told directly, applicants should respond to claims of overqualified professional histories unsuited for the job by appealing to hiring personnel. Thank the interviewer for sharing concerns about possessing too many qualifications for work and then ask where the sentiments came from. Workers may also ask how specific qualifications would represent possible impairments to work performance or abilities to complete the job duties assigned to positions desired. Asking follow-up questions in the face of such inquiries or accusations should take place using caution. Read the body language and overall demeanors of interviewers before choosing to ask why and how over-qualifying credentials should hurt employment chances under the circumstances. Failing to exercise discretion may terminate the interview immediately.

Focus on Goals
When hiring personnel turn the question on candidates, applicants should talk about personal desires to work within the industry or specific line of work. If career changes serve as the main reasons for applying, workers should talk about aspirations in pursuing new professional goals or learning new skills unavailable in other opportunities. Focus attention back on skills, abilities, or experience directly beneficial to the position desired and reiterate any successes or recognitions for performances related to the qualifications in question. Remain calm, poised, and treat questions regarding over-qualification as any others during job interviews. Confidence plays an extremely important part in convincing personnel to hire new workers, regardless of qualifications.

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