Are You Planning To Continue Your Studies?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Do You Have Plans to Go Back to School?

Reason for the Question

During the interview process, a hiring manager may ask questions about a potential employee’s plans for the future. While the desire to continue education can be viewed as a good trait, it also means a job candidate might not expect to stay with the company.

Long-Term Employment

Companies spend valuable resources training each employee. Therefore, they prefer to hire and train someone who will be in the job for a long time.

As such, answering this question is a bit challenging. Of course, job hopefuls want to come across as willing to learn and grow. However, if it is at the expense of the company, it could impact the chances of employment.

How to Answer “Are You Planning to Continue Your Studies?”

Always respond to interview questions honestly. This shows managers that a worker is worth their time and money. Even if the response is something they don’t want to hear, it is better to address it early in the hiring process.

If the answer is yes, be sure to frame it in a way that benefits the company. For instance, talk about ongoing training for credentials related to the position.

For entry-level jobs, employers express concern over scheduling conflicts. If applicants intend to continue their education, they must have clear calendar expectations to discuss with the hiring staff.

Sample Answers

We’ve written a couple of example responses to the question “Do you have plans to go back to school?” Don’t simply memorize our answers. Job seekers should only refer to them for ideas and inspiration to form a unique reply.

Sample Answer 1 – Home Improvement Retailer

“Currently, I am focused on the present. In addition to gaining retail work experience here, there’s a chance to earn knowledge in assisting customers with home projects. I would embrace any learning opportunity to help me better serve patrons.”

Sample Answer 2 – Fast Food Restaurant

“Continuing education outside of my job is a long-term possibility. But for the time being, I am devoted to performing well and increasing my responsibilities at work. Providing quality service is important to me. I am interested in learning more about safe food handling procedures and regulations.”

Tips to Remember

As part of the hiring process, applicants should focus on their reasons for applying to the job. Be realistic about future plans with respect to further schooling. When responding to “Are you planning to continue your studies?” be upfront and honest regarding these goals. Keep all of this in mind for a smooth job interview.

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