Are You Planning To Continue Your Studies?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Do You Have Plans to Go Back to School?

Why The Question Comes Up

When applying for various jobs, interviewers typically ask job seekers various questions in order to further pare down candidates and to ensure all applicants fit the current needs of the company. In order to guarantee feasibility, hiring managers may ask questions that may appear somewhat unrelated to the job at hand. A vital key for any interviewee includes arriving prepared and ready to answer all questions truthfully and as completely as possible. Questions about furthering education often come up and generally reflect interviewer attempts to glean more information about the applicant in terms of future job aspirations with the current company and beyond.

What Companies Look For

If asked about plans for continued education, companies typically look for applicants to tie independent goals with the aims of the employer. Interviewers consistently want to see motivation to learn and improve. Continuing education shows such desires, especially when potentials display interests in academia potentially benefitting the company. Answering in terms of “I plan on continuing my studies in the technology field,” when offered a question from a technology firm makes sense. Tailor answers about continued studies specific to desired job fields. Show interest in the industry and a desire to work long-term in said industry. Keep answers short and to the point, avoiding diatribes causing candidates to appear insincere.

Another Way to Respond
Another possibility of influencing preferred hiring treatment may include responding to questions regarding continuing education in relation to job benefits packages. Potential employees should exhibit a desire to continue learning once hired by any employer. Ask, “Do you offer continuing education and professional training?” to show personal interest in furthering professional abilities. When asked correctly or in conjunction with an answer of how each job seeker plans on seeking additional education opportunities while employed, such questioning demonstrates an interest in expanding knowledge and ultimately growing with each employer.

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