Are You Willing to Relocate?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Would You Move For This Job?

Why Employers Want to Know

A hiring manager might ask, “Are you willing to relocate for this job?” Employers require workers to move for several reasons, including corporate expansion, rebranding programs, and business travel. Companies may want someone who can work in a particular location outside of the city where they’re taking interviews. A candidate’s answers help them weed out those who won’t work elsewhere.

Answer Honestly

Whether you’re willing to move or not, applicants should always answer this question honestly. It reflects poorly on you if you indicate a willingness to move and then recant your statement once hired. The company might also choose to terminate you. Always tell the truth when answering questions about relocation.

What To Avoid Saying

When answering a question like, “Would you move for this job?” don’t be ambiguous in your response. Applicants who express willingness based on conditions may fail the interview. Saying you would move if the right opportunity arises may give managers the impression that you only care about potential earnings and don’t value meaningful work experience.

Willingness to relocate is not about making a deal with your employer, so don’t give them an ultimatum. Also, avoid getting into too many details if you have an important obligation that prevents you from relocating. If you give a reason that sounds like a time-consuming burden that could interfere with work, employers may not hire you.

Tips for Answering “Are You Willing to Relocate?”

During an interview or on a job application, you may get questions like, “Are you willing to move for this job?” Whether your answer is yes, no, or maybe, it helps to understand how to respond appropriately and honestly while still looking like a good fit for the position:

  • Yes: If able to relocate for the job, applicants should show enthusiasm and be passionate with their responses. If asked how far you can relocate, be flexible with locations if possible.
  • No: Some people cannot move due to family ties, financial limits, or other obligations. Many interviewers understand this. Answering the relocation question with a “No” and a brief explanation is fine if the job ad didn’t mention moving to a new city. If you cannot relocate, be sure to avoid applying to jobs that mention travel requirements or a location change.
  • Maybe: You might like where you live now and feel indecisive about moving. Tell the interviewer you may consider relocating and that you’re open to the idea. Or, explain that your current situation may not allow travel right now, but that may change in the future. Ask questions to learn about where and why you might relocate to show your interest.

Sample Responses to “Would You Move For This Job?”

While preparing to answer questions about relocating for a job, it helps to read sample responses from interviews for different careers. Here are a few examples of how to answer this common job interview question:

Sample Answer 1 – Flight Attendant for an Airline

“I am open to the idea of relocating. I understand this job comes with frequent travel to many places, and traveling is my passion, which is why I applied. If hired, I would have no problem moving to another city if the airline needed me to relocate.”

Sample Answer 2 – Assistant Manager at a Restaurant

“The opportunity to work for this restaurant is exciting. I’m passionate about this role, but I cannot commit to moving right now due to school obligations. However, after I’ve earned my degree, moving will no longer be an issue, and I will be able to reconsider the idea of relocating.”

Sample Answer 3 – Long Distance Truck Driver

“I’ve been in the trucking industry for some time, and I’ve lived in a lot of different places. I am more than willing to relocate and move about as necessary. I enjoy having the opportunity to travel, see new sights, enjoy the open road, and get an important job done that not so many people can do.”

Keep a Positive Tone

Even if you cannot move for the job you want, you should answer the interviewer honestly and with an upbeat, positive tone. Not being able to relocate does not mean you won’t get the job. Employers understand the everybody has their own lives and career goals and may even make accommodations for a strong candidate.

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