At What Point In Life Did You Choose This Profession?

Why Did You Choose This Career?

Job Interview Question & Answer: At What Point In Life Did You Choose This Profession?

Why Employers Use The Question

Employers typically ask interview questions about career choice to determine levels of interest in the job. Companies usually want to hire long-term workers, and applicants frequently benefit from demonstrating passion for the field. Showing enthusiasm makes the candidate seem unlikely to quit for another type of job. Avoid mentioning salary options or money as reasons for considering the chosen industry. Interviewers may see individuals motivated solely by pay scales as likely to leave for jobs with better compensation if the opportunity arises.

How To Approach The Question

The Best Response
Interviewers often ask candidates to identify the point in life the decision to work in a specific field came about. In crafting a response to the common interview question, demonstrating the skills and qualifications needed for the job remains the first priority of applicants. Use clear responses to explain how life experiences shaped the abilities needed for work. Candidates should also mention the years of experience leading up to the necessary levels of skill the company requires. By catering to the needs of the employer, interviewees enjoy better chances of fulfilling the specific expectations hiring personnel maintain for potential workers.

Body Language and Demeanor
Though the question inherently requires discussing some personal information, keep answers relevant to the position at hand and avoid rambling about unrelated subjects. Staying on topic displays sense of focus to interviewers and shows candidates hold real interest in the job at hand. Short anecdotes may prove effective if the applicant concludes the examples with unambiguous messages and direct emphasis on the qualifications the interviewer seeks in candidates. Avoid going on tangents or providing extraneous details, and keep responses concise and direct.

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