How Do You Deal With Pressure?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Would You Say That You Can Easily Deal With High Pressure Situations?

The Importance of Managing High-Pressure Situations

Employers need to count on workers during high-pressure situations, such as projects with tight deadlines, heavy media attention, or close corporate scrutiny. During job interviews, hiring managers often ask candidates the question, “Would you say that you can easily deal with high pressure situations?” to test how well applicants react to the prospect. Respond with an enthusiastic, “Yes.” Interviewers prefer to hire individuals confident about handling high-pressure tasks. Provide relevant examples from previous jobs, if possible. Emphasize how the situation caused stress but failed to harm or alter work performance in a negative way.

Keep your Answer Concise
Though many interview questions necessitate lengthy replies, concise answers generally prove best for questions about high-pressure situations. Keeping responses to queries on the subject serves two purposes. First, the interview may then continue on to other subjects without delay. Second, candidates display comfort with high pressure situations by keeping calm when answering questions about stressful work responsibilities. However, if interviewers ask for further detail, do not hesitate to provide more information on the subject.

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