Can You Do the Job?

Job Interview Question & Answer

Why You’ll Encounter This Question

A widely accepted idea in the professional world suggests every interview question in the most simple and direct form persists as one of three inquiries. One set of questions focuses on the motivation of applicants, the second group determines whether interviewees fit well with the company, and the third concentrates on the strengths of the job hopeful. The latter set of questions essentially inquire about ability to perform job duties. Simply, employers want to determine if applicants can do the desired job.

Looking at Your Qualifications
Before interviewees may answer the question truthfully and completely, individuals must consider the various aspects of qualification. Technical skills, such as the ability to speak several languages or network, remain important. To further illustrate capability, applicants should consider leadership and interpersonal skills, as well. Ability to perform job duties goes beyond performing assigned tasks. Employers look for individuals who demonstrate ambition, make suitable long-term workers, and consistently get along well with fellow employees, as well as clientele. Job hopefuls should frame answers so hiring personnel understand individuals possess all the necessary traits, skills, and knowledge to endure as a valuable and competent associate.

Responding with the STAR Format
When answering the question during a job interview, hopefuls should consider the STAR framework. Used during behavioral interviews, STAR stands for situation, action, and result. To best demonstrate a skill–leadership, interpersonal, or technical–interviewees should briefly describe situations testing personal abilities and the resulting actions taken. Applicants then elaborate for employers by recounting the exactly measures used to remedy or better the situations. To prove value, job hopefuls should then offer how personal actions led to desirable results. Using the STAR method aids individuals in providing employers with specific examples of work-related skills, which will allow interviewers to understand the value and abilities of hopefuls.

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