Can You Do the Job?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Are You Capable of Doing This Job?

Why Hiring Managers Ask

Questions about your ability to perform in the role you’re applying for are fairly straightforward and common. Interviewers need to know if you have the necessary skillset, physical capability, or willingness to learn that the job requires. The best answer varies based on the position or industry, so keep that in mind as you consider how to respond.

How to Answer “Can You Do This Job?”

Every company is different, so it’s important to evaluate what the hiring manager is looking for when they ask if you are able to perform the required duties. The goal is to tailor your response to fit the job description and the goals of the business. Check out these job types and associated requirements to get an idea of where you should start:

  • Restaurant Employee: Jobs in food service can require you to be on your feet throughout your shifts, running orders back and forth, and preparing menu items. Employees may also need to do basic math when calculating checks and making change.
  • Factory Worker: Most factory jobs are physically demanding, so applicants should be able to walk and stand for a long time. Hopefuls may also need to lift heavy objects, have an eye for detail to manage quality control, and be able to work in extreme temperatures if the facilities aren’t temperature controlled.
  • Office Job: Duties can vary depending on the company, but most office work involves sitting at a desk for extended periods. There is typically an expectation that employees have basic if not advanced computer skills. Some businesses emphasize the need for collaborative projects, so teamwork and communication are also important soft-skills.

When you’re preparing for your interview, take some time to evaluate the job and consider how your experience and capabilities align with the needs of the role. Break down the various duties you’ll need to perform so you’re prepared to answer this common question.

Answers You Should Avoid

Don’t dwell on gaps in your experience or abilities when discussing how fit you are for a job. Even if you aren’t a perfect match, it’s better to emphasize what you can do and your eagerness to learn. You should also avoid talking about unrelated skills or giving generic responses like, “I can do anything,” because this can come off as insincere or false.

Examples of How to Respond to “Do You Have the Necessary Skills for the Job?”

Since it’s a good idea to prep before you meet with the hiring manager, take a moment to review these examples of effective answers to, “Can you do the job?” Keep in mind that your response should be unique and based on your personal experience:

Sample Answer 1 – Daycare Teacher Assistant

“Throughout high school, I babysat my neighbor’s three kids during the summer. They were all under eight years old, and I was constantly moving, running, and playing to keep them busy and happy. I was also responsible for feeding them lunch, getting them down for naps, and organizing activities.”

“My experience with caring for children when I was younger prepared me for this role. I know that it can be exhausting and even frustrating at times, but it’s also rewarding and fun. Because I know about the ups and downs of childcare, I’m confident that I can handle this job.”

Sample Answer 2 – Hardware Store Sales Associate

“At my previous job, I worked as an assistant for my uncle, who owns a construction company. I would have to haul heavy items like drywall and lumber, make runs to the store when we ran out of supplies, and fill in whenever the workers needed help.”

“Not only did I develop a lot of physical strength and stamina from all of the physical labor, but I also learned a ton about how to build a house, including the best tools and materials to get the job done. All of this practical experience prepared me to help customers find the right products for their projects, which is why I think this position is the perfect fit for me.”

Let Your Experience Do the Talking

If an interviewer asks if you can perform the duties of the job, it’s always a good idea to provide real-world examples that demonstrate that you’re a strong candidate. You can draw from previous work experience, your education, or even related hobbies. Just make sure to answer concisely and provide a specific anecdote that relates to the position.

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