Can You Provide Proof of Age?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Can You, Upon Being Hired, Provide Proof of Your Age?

Reasons Why Interviewers Ask if You Can Prove Your Age

Strictly speaking, hiring managers cannot ask how old you are because this leaves the company open to legal issues regarding age discrimination. However, you may need to give an employer this identifying info if the job has age requirements related to hazardous working conditions or similar restrictions.

While supervisors cannot ask you how old you are, they can request evidence that you’re a legal working age or if you are over 18. Due to child labor laws, the company must be able to document employees’ ages to remain compliant, which is likely why an interviewer will ask if you can provide proof of age.

How to Answer the Question

Since this is a fairly straightforward question, your answer should also be clear-cut. Let the interviewer know that you can bring in the necessary documents if the company hires you. These include basic identification like your driver’s license or state ID, social security card, passport, birth certificate, or military ID.

What Not to Say

Outright refusing to give a new employer proof of age may result in disqualification from further consideration. Declining to provide this information not only puts the company at risk of violating federal regulations, but it could also make it seem as though you’re hiding something or even working illegally.

Examples of How to Answer Questions About Your Age

Though it may seem like a simple question, it can catch you off guard when hiring managers ask if you can provide proof of age. It’s always best to prepare ahead of time, so consider these sample answers to help you get ready for your interview:

Sample Answer 1 – Grocery Store Bagger

“If hired, I can bring in my birth certificate and driver’s permit to fill out all of the paperwork. This would be my very first job, so I’m excited for the opportunity to learn how the whole hiring process works. I’m happy to provide whatever documentation you need.”

Sample Answer 2 – Jewelry Store Sales Associate

“I can bring in all of the necessary documents if you choose to bring me on board. I’ve been in the jewelry industry for many years, so I know all of the ins and outs. I’m really excited for the opportunity to put my expertise to use in assisting your clients.”

Know Your Rights

Hiring managers may ask if you can prove that you meet the job’s age requirements. However, if they ask an illegal question, like, “How old are you?” or “What is your date of birth?” you can refuse to answer or end the interview. These questions can be a sign of a toxic work environment or simply an inexperienced interviewer.

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