Describe Your Ideal Job

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Is Your Ideal Job Title or Position?

Reason for the Question

When a potential employer asks, “What is your ideal job?” they are doing so for several reasons. One of the biggest is that they want to find out your long-term goals and see if they align with the company. This question can also help hiring managers get a sense of what motivates you when you come to work.

How to Answer Questions About Your Perfect Job

One of the best ways to respond to this question is by considering the original job posting. Check for skills and duties you enjoy doing and craft your answer around those. You can also see if your passions relate to the role and include them in your response. Lastly, consider your personal goals and figure out how they fit in with the company’s mission statement.

Responses to Avoid

While it might seem like the natural choice, answers like, “This one,” come off as generic or pandering. Interviewers may appreciate that you want the job, but you need to show them why you think it’s the right fit. Additionally, don’t bring up careers that are unrelated to the one you’re applying to, as this can seem like you don’t really want to work there.

Sample Replies To “Describe Your Ideal Job”

When answering this question, it’s important to be honest, concise, and relevant. Check out these examples of how to discuss your perfect job as you prepare for your interview:

Sample Answer 1 – Sales Associate in a Book Store

“I think my ideal job would be somewhere I can combine my love of helping people with my passion for books. I feel that this position would allow me to do both since I can assist people with their questions as well as recommend books that I think they’ll enjoy based on our conversation.”

Sample Answer 2 – Cosmetologist

“I’ve always been the creative type, so having a job where I can push my imagination to its limits is great for me. Every client is unique, which means that every workday is full of new and exciting challenges. Plus, I find it rewarding to combine my training and innate skills to make sure my customers leave looking and feeling their best.”

Sample Answer 3 – Accountant

“I’ve always had a head for numbers, so I thrive in an environment where I can work with balancing books and managing payroll. On the other hand, I also enjoy interacting with people and assisting them with complex ideas. That’s why I’m so interested in this job because it allows me to combine these factors into one role.”

Things to Keep in Mind

Employers don’t expect you to be the perfect fit for every job opening. When applying for any position, take note of what you do best and how you can contribute to the company’s continued success. Prepare an honest and targeted answer before your job interview to ensure that you make a good impression.

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