Describe Your Ideal Job

Job Interview Question & Answer: What is Your Ideal Job Title or Position?

Ways To Respond

Interviewers commonly ask candidates to describe ideal careers. The prompt drives applicants to delve into personal desires and professionals needs in terms of gainful occupations. Individuals should offer well-constructed responses to emphasize professional interests, serious aspirations for employment in related fields, and realistic desires for salary options, job benefits, scheduling, and work/life balance. Answers preferably detail jobs which reflect similar or identical qualities to work options at hand.

Choosing the Right Words
Though respondents should always remain honest when answering interview questions, contextualizing replies to focus on company culture and values often strongly aids employment seekers. Job search professionals recommend applicants relate interests in line with company policies and hiring practices to better display relevant qualifications and passions for jobs. Emphasize present goals and avoid mentioning fleeting or irrelevant considerations of future work in obscure fields. Interviewers regularly hire eligible candidates with personal interests in given careers.

Individuals may find interview questions about ideal jobs easier to answer after preparing responses beforehand. Knowing at least a few aspects of positions in line with personal desires remains an effective starting point to persuade hiring managers. Never explicitly say the jobs at hand do not constitute ideal opportunities. Employers prefer to hire candidates with long-term employment goals.

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