Job Interview Question & Answer: Describe Your Motivation For Going To The College Or University You Attended

What School Says About You

Employers inquire about motivation for going to the particular college or university interviewees selected for insight into the deliberation process of candidates. Individuals choose higher education establishments based on a number of factors, including financial, location, and available programs. The ways in which job hopefuls answer the question may provide interviewers with information regarding the priorities of individuals, the abilities of each candidate to make important decisions, and the capabilities of hopefuls to plan for long-term engagements.

Take Time to Consider the Question
Understanding the goal of such an inquiry may help job seekers respond fully and truthfully. First, consider which factors played the biggest role in the decision. Academic programs, extracurricular clubs, athletics, and location in relation to home remain sufficient answers to the question. However, to provide employers with more information, interviewees should contemplate how the decision resulted in adequate training for the desired work. If an applicant chose a college based on the available clubs and extracurricular activities, the answer of the candidate may reflect time management and leadership abilities. Job seekers who picked a higher education establishment in order to stay close to home, the resulting answer might highlight dedication or an ability to compromise. Make sure to reveal personality through answers while also relating responses back to how such a decision benefits the employer.

Building Responses
To construct responses with optimum depth, job hopefuls should also consider the results of decisions. If the initial choice did not turn out quite as the applicant had hoped, reflect on what could have been done differently during the deliberation process. Perhaps a factor candidates had not considered played a major role in the educational experience. If the chosen school fit poorly with the goals and aspirations of the job seeker, individuals should detail how the resulting situation was handled. The main goal of answers should include demonstrating maturity, capability, and how hopefuls make the best candidates for available work.

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