“Do You Consider Yourself to be Successful?”

Job Interview Questions and Answers: “How Do You Define Success, and Do You Consider Yourself Successful?”

Why Employers Ask You to Measure Your Success

Asking about your definition of success and if you see yourself as successful is a way for managers to learn about your personality and aspirations. They want to know that you have plans for your career and expect to hear about the progress you have made toward your goals. A thoughtful answer that highlights your focus and determination to succeed can help you impress interviewers.

How to Answer the Question “Do You Think You Are Successful?”

If you encounter this question during the interview process, your first response should be a confident “Yes.” Even if you have yet to accomplish specific career goals, your positivity will show hiring managers that you are satisfied with the progress you have made so far. A strong answer will also include:

  • Your definition of success
  • The steps you’ve taken so far to achieve success
  • An explanation of how this job will help you continue your journey toward success.

The examples you give of your accomplishments can refer to promotions from previous jobs, achievements in education, or even personal triumphs. It may also be helpful to tie in successes that involve helping others as well as yourself.

What Not to Say

When answering the question, “Do you consider yourself to be a successful person?” try to leave any mention of money out of your response. Using financial gain as a measure for success could make interviewers believe that you care more about the salary than growing as a person or as an employee.

Sample Responses to Questions about Your Success

Here are a few examples of positive, well thought out answers to questions about your success. Use these samples to help you create an honest and thorough response that will impress potential employers.

Sample Answer 1- Furniture Store Sales Associate

“Yes, I do consider myself successful. To me, success means pushing forward and tuning out the naysayers to achieve your dreams. Although my parents told me that being an interior decorator wasn’t a practical career choice, I continued to pursue it until I was chosen for an interior design internship last summer.”

I’m excited to keep learning about the industry, and I believe that working with your company can help me grow as a designer.”

Sample Answer 2- Shipping and Receiving Clerk

“I believe that success means doing your best every day, so I do think I am successful. I pride myself on being a hard worker and have always gone above and beyond while on the job. Former managers knew they could count on me to get things done and gave me a few promotions that let me take on more responsibility.”

“Working in this position would be a new challenge that would help me expand my skills and become an even better employee.”

Sample Answer 3- Animal Care Worker at a Pet Store

“I think my passion for working hard and helping others makes me successful. My ultimate goal in life is to be a positive force in the world, and my volunteer work has allowed me to share my compassion with others in my community. Taking care of pets and making their owners happy would give me the chance to use my helpful nature in new ways.”

Positivity and Poise

As you answer questions about your journey toward success, remember to make use of proper body language. Straightening your posture and smiling will show interviewers that you are proud of the things you have achieved so far. Also, talking with an upbeat and passionate tone of voice will convey your enthusiasm and let interviewers know how excited you are about your future accomplishments.

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