Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Questions Do You Have For Us?

When And Why You Encounter This Question

Usually asked toward the end of an interview, employers always give job hopefuls the chance to inquire about aspects of the work not covered during the body of the screening process. Interviewers ask for any candidate questions to gauge genuine interest, critical thinking, and listening skills. Furthermore, asking questions gives job seekers the opportunity to assess the company and employer as a suitable fit for career goals and personalities. The questions candidates ask interviewers often leave lasting impressions and ultimately secure hire for available positions.

What Not to Say
The most detrimental response to such a question remains answering no. Conversely, asking a filler question just for the sake of asking a question does not trick employers and comes across as lazy and disinterested. Job seekers should prepare before interviews to inspire professionalism and employer confidence in the abilities of candidates to perform jobs well. Researching the company thoroughly and understanding the job description prove effective ways to prepare.

Remain Active
Additionally, interviewees benefit from bringing paper and writing utensils to interviews. Prepare several questions beforehand and anticipate which questions might receive answers during the interview. Take notes during interviews and ask questions based on the information provided.

Pick and Choose
Interviewees should choose questions to ask carefully. Asking too many questions can overwhelm the employer so selecting two or three well-thought inquiries to conclude the interview remains the best method. Some general topics acceptable to touch on include available advancement opportunities, typical work responsibilities, training programs, expectations, and industry- or company-related questions. Another method of inquiry entails asking the employer about interview performance and gaps in qualifications, which gives job seekers the chance to receive direct feedback and criticisms to focus on in future career aspirations.

8 user comments:

  1. Payton

    Dont ask how long it will take to recieve an answer. they are looking for your interest. so ask questions about the job itself, do you offer benefits? is there room for advancement? is hard work something you take notice to?

    ask questions that show you are interested in longevity

  2. james fowler

    I am not to sure you guys read this right? one you never ask how much money. two you always research the company history so you can have some thing to talk about or what they call the ice breaker. If anything ask for a tour of the establishment at least look interested.

  3. yanira

    you need to show interest in the position AND the company you are interested on joining. ask things like: “how has it been for you to work for this company?”, “what are the qualifications the company looks for individuals who want to grow within? “, “do they provide training plans we can take to develop in this position ?”

  4. CS

    How about – Is there room for advancement? Will I be cross trained in other departments? Are there training courses offered?

  5. Mattie

    Never ask about salary or even how long it takes to hear an answer. You have to ask something about the position and how it relates to you, as the candidate. Examples:

    “What are some of the main qualities you require from me, if I were to be hired for this position?”

    “Is there room for advancement with this position?”

    “Have you found opportunities for advancement in your career while working for this organization?”

  6. Robert

    How long have you been with the company? What has been your most rewarding experience working here?

  7. Carmen

    How do my skills and qualifications match what you are looking for?
    When can I follow up with you?
    What is the next step in the hiring process.

  8. Kat

    I usually stick to the same set of questions throughout all my interviews:

    1. What is the dress code at this company?
    2. What is the company’s policy regarding tattoos, piercings, and hair color?
    3. What are the typical tasks employees have throughout the day, from open to close?
    4. What is your turnover rate?
    5. When might I expect to hear from you again? (It kind of gives you the answer to, “When will I know whether I have the job?” but it’s much more formal and not at all as desperate).


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