Do You Have Any Travel Restrictions?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Do You Have Any Restrictions on Traveling?

What To Expect

Be on the Lookout
Though questions about ability to travel may seem harmless and one-dimensional, employers often use queries about travel restrictions to stealthily ask about family and marital status. The United States Equal Opportunity Employment Commission strongly advises interviewers against directly making inquiries about the aforementioned subjects. As such, job seekers should remain wary of questions which may constitute discriminatory probing. Interviewers typically ask about ability to make business-related trips because individuals with families, pregnant women, or married persons traditionally face more challenges in relocation and working from the road. Use care when answering and avoid revealing unnecessary information, which may inadvertently lead to hiring discrimination by interviewers.

Don’t Avoid the Truth
Applicants should still answer questions as honestly and thoroughly as possible. Though interviewers may not lawfully ask about certain information, family commitments prove relevant to jobs in many cases. Positions requiring extensive travel often end up causing difficulties for individuals with strong familial obligations. Additionally, employers may ask questions about work attendance to glean information on the same subject. Keep answers directly related to ability to perform job duties within reasonable parameters. Avoid volunteering impertinent details to reduce chances of employer bias.

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