Do You Have Any Travel Restrictions?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Do You Have Any Restrictions on Traveling?

Why Employers Want to Know

If a manager asks, “Do you have any travel restrictions?” they want to know if you have any obligations holding you back from traveling for the job. Restrictions could include family matters such as marital status, pet or child care, health issues, or assisting a sick loved one. Employers are not allowed to directly ask about some of these issues under the United States Equal Opportunity Act.

On the other hand, an interviewer might simply ask, “Can you travel for this job?” If travel is important to the position or could be required in the future, the employer wants to hire a reliable candidate who can handle frequent travel. Applicant responses help them determine who may or may not meet the needs of the job.

Answer Honestly

For questions about travel, be honest. Though employers may not lawfully ask about certain situations, some commitments are relevant to your overall ability to perform or attend. Rather than saying no to traveling right off the bat, discuss any flexibility you may have. If you can travel but have limitations, state them clearly.

How Not To Respond

If you are not willing to travel, don’t give an ambiguous or misleading answer. Also, if you don’t enjoy traveling, don’t make negative comments about it. Business travel is about professional work, not sightseeing, so avoid talking about it as a vacation. Lastly, don’t go into detail about your personal obligations that keep you from traveling.

Tips for Answering “Are You Willing to Travel For Work?”

When asked, “Do you have any restrictions on traveling,” prepare your answer beforehand. Think about whether anything is holding you back from traveling. To answer this question effectively, applicants can show employers their willingness to either travel or be flexible in a few ways:

  • Share information about your previous travel experiences and how they benefited you, your company, or your education.
  • Emphasize your commitment to the job regardless of where that position might take you.
  • Express your willingness to work with schedules and emphasize your planning and organization skills.
  • Remain focused on the idea of traveling and not how much traveling the employer might ask you to do.

Sample Responses to “Can You Travel for This Job?”

If you think the interviewer might ask this question, prepare ahead of time by reading through these sample responses. Consider the job you applied for and tailor your response to that specific industry.

Sample Answer 1 – Activities Director on a Cruise Ship

“Traveling is personally and professionally fulfilling for me, which is one of the main reasons I applied for this job. I am more than willing to travel as much as necessary for the company wherever you need me. Although I don’t have any particular obligations keeping me at home, I do like to plan ahead when the cruise line has a set schedule.”

Sample Answer 2 – Line Installer and Repairer for a Utility Company

“In my experience, traveling has enabled companies to bring clients the service they desperately needed, so I am more than willing to travel for this job. I do have a family at home, so I like to be with my kids on the weekends when possible. I know some locations can be quite a distance away, though, and I am flexible with that.”

Be Comfortable with Your Answer

If you apply for a job that requires traveling but feel uneasy when asked, “Do you have any travel restrictions?” you might want to reconsider whether the job is for you. In this case, you can inquire about where you might travel, how often, and what type of traveling they want you to do. A good way to find this information is to research the company and position before the interview.

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