Do You Know Anyone Who Works for Us?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Do You Know Anyone Who Works for Us?

The Reason for the Question

Hiring managers ask a question like, “Do you know anyone who works for this company?” for a few different reasons. In some cases, a business might have regulations that prohibit family or friends from working together. This question also helps the interviewer anticipate any disruptions that might result from hiring an employee with social connections to the company.

How to Respond

A straightforward, honest answer to this job interview question is essential. If you know someone who works there, explain your relationship with that person and how well you get along. Assure the manager that your association with that employee will not affect your ability to perform the job duties and that you will remain professional while at work.

Responses to Avoid

When answering a question like, “Who do you know that currently works for us?” don’t speak negatively about the employee. Insulting or showing disrespect for anyone, personal or professional, is a red flag for hiring managers and can affect their decision to hire you. Also, avoid sharing private information about your friend or family member during the job interview.

Sample Responses To “Do You Know Anyone Who Works for Us?”

Taking time to think about and develop your response to this question can help you feel more confident during the interview. Use the following sample answers to get an idea of how yours might look. Avoid memorizing or copying these answers and only use them as a guide:

Sample Answer 1 – Cosmetologist

“Yes, I went to beauty college with one of your employees. Her name is Cindy. She was part of my study group, and we practiced styling each other’s hair in preparation for exams. I’ve had friends who became coworkers in the past, and I’ve never let it interfere with my job. She and I get along great, and I know she’s just as professional as I am when it comes to keeping work separate from a friendship.”

Sample Answer 2 – Grocery Store Bagger

“My older brother Jeremy works here in shipping and receiving. He’s the one who told me about the bagger position and said that this is a great company to work for. He moved out a few years ago, but we still hang out all the time. We have a great relationship, so I know there won’t be any issues with us working for the same business.”

Sample Answer 3 – Pizza Delivery Driver

“A girl I went to high school with works here, but I don’t know her that well. We’d smile and say “Hi” in the hallway but never hung out. She seemed very studious and hardworking in school, so I’m sure she’s a great employee. I know we’ll get along and won’t have any problems focusing on our work.”

Things to Keep in Mind

While simple on the surface, a job interview question like, “Do you know anyone who works for us?” requires some critical thinking to answer. Knowing the company’s policy on family and friends as coworkers ahead of time can help you prepare a solid response. Also, remember to be honest and forthcoming about any current employees you know.

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