Do You Need Additional Training?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Will You Need Training for This Job?

Reasons You Encounter This Question

Employers ask job candidates about necessary additional training to evaluate the ability of individuals to assess personal strengths, weaknesses, and commitment to the industry or available positions. To answer truthfully and completely, interviewees must spend time building familiarity with existing training programs of the company to make a judgment about further preparation. Answering such a question offers candidates the opportunity to provide concrete examples of existing knowledge bases, admit to areas which need development, and demonstrate critical thinking and self-awareness.

Giving The Right Answers

Finding Balance
The most important factor when answering remains balance. Candidates should strive to stay open to growth while outlining existing qualifications in as positive a light as called for. Job seekers already possessing the necessary qualifications can assure employers of work readiness given proper counseling on company policies and procedures. Individuals requiring or preferring additional job training should still frame answers positively. For example: highlighting an ability to learn quickly or explaining existing knowledge bases may inspire confidence in the abilities of job hopefuls to fit efficiently into existing work environments.

Practicing Honesty
Above all else, job seekers should practice honesty. Individuals feeling deficient in essential skills or knowledge only do employers a disservice by lying about qualifications. To ensure the need for additional training does not affect chances of receiving hire, candidates should prepare answers which reiterate worth. Admit to shortcomings while communicating how existing skills allow for opportunities to persist as an asset to the company.

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