Do You Need Additional Training?

Job Interview Question and Answer: “Will You Need Any Extra Training?”

The Reason Employers Ask This Question

Interviewers may ask if you need additional training to assess your skill level. They want to know that you are confident about your strengths but also aware of your weaknesses. A well-thought-out answer shows hiring managers that you are competent, self-aware, and willing to do the work that will help you improve as an employee.

How to Give a Good Response

Your answer to “Will you need any extra training?” should highlight your strengths as well as your shortcomings. Describe the aspects of the job that you know you can do well, then talk about a specific task that is likely to be more difficult for you. Round out your answer by assuring the interviewer that you are determined to improve in this area and that the extra guidance will help you succeed.

How Not to Answer “Do You Need Extra Training?”

Steer clear of arrogant responses when addressing this question. Even if you have extensive experience, claiming that you do not need additional training may make you seem smug. Overconfidence can also lead you to unrealistic promises about your abilities, which employers may view as a lie if you end up needing more guidance after all.

Sample Responses for “Will You Require Additional Training?”

Below are some examples of good responses to give when interviewers ask you about additional training. Assess your blind spots and weaknesses to come up with a truthful and unique response.

Sample Answer 1 – Call Center Employee

“I have a lot of customer service positions in my work history, so I know I can maintain the friendly and professional attitude needed for this job. The only thing that concerns me is applying my skills over the phone rather than in person. I may need to practice a few mock phone conversations to figure out the proper tone and timing for conversations with customers.”

Sample Answer 2 – Team Member at a Specialty Food Store

“Some extra training on using the cash register might be helpful. I have plenty of experience with the food prep, baking, and stocking side of things, but I didn’t use the digital registers at my previous jobs very often. I think I understand the basics, but becoming familiar with your particular operating system would help me get better at it.”

Sample Answer 3 – Assembly Line Worker at a Factory

“Thanks to my high school shop classes, I have a fair amount of experience with building things, working with tools, and following safety procedures. With a little extra training on the specific products I would be building and some practice to help me increase my work pace, I will be able to succeed in this position.”

The Bottom Line

Honesty is key when answering the question, “Do you need additional training?” You may worry that needing extra coaching will disqualify you from the hiring process, but admitting your weaknesses can show employers that you are self-aware and willing to work hard to improve. Be upfront about your shortcomings and assure interviewers that their guidance will make you an even greater asset to the company.

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