Do You Work Better In A Team Or Alone?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Is it Better to Work Alone or in a Group?

Questions About Job Preferences

Most Companies Blend Work Environments

More often than not in the workplace, employers may require personnel to work together on projects. In other instances, companies may expect employees to work alone in order to achieve positive results. Either way, during interviews, hiring personnel may try to gauge whether a potential employee shows aptitude for both types of work environments. Remembering organizations generally try to blend the two work types, candidates should never demonstrate a preference for one or the other. Finding an answer embracing both types of work conditions typically proves beneficial to applicants during the hiring process.

Show the Ability to Adapt

Working Together
Companies remain very much aware of the different ideas, thoughts, and personalities potential staff members possess. Working together does not always come easily, as personnel may not necessarily get along on a personal level, making team exercises difficult and unnecessarily laborious if people prove unable to work together. An interviewer may ask about personal preferences regarding work environments in hopes of gauging whether the aspiring employee understands the overall benefits of teamwork and possesses an ability to look past finicky and particular biases. Answers reflecting willingness to work in teams prove most positive, though the focus should remain on past examples of personally contributing to teams of fellow workers.

Working Alone
At times, especially depending on the industry or job applied for, job seekers must understand working alone proves necessary. Certain positions may require individuality and working independently without supervision or collaboration. Human resource personnel may attempt to see how an applicant responds to questions of about teamwork or working independently in order to gauge social awareness and the level of desire for the job. Effective answers to each question display balance and indicate both working alone or in a team remain sufficient options, while further answers should speak to the specific position applied for. Such answers show an understanding of the position applied for and an awareness of how a positive team atmosphere leads to an effective and successful company.

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  1. Payton

    98% of the time they are looking for TEAM. they want to know that you work well with others and you dont mind working together to meet a common goal. when i interview people i am looking for an answer such as “i love working in a team, its always easier to work with someone to meet a goal or get new ideas to solve a problem, but i work just as well alone”


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