Have You Ever Fired Someone?

Job Interview Question & Answer: Have You Ever Fired Someone and How Did that Make You Feel?

Why Companies Terminate Employees

In every industry, employers dismiss workers who fail to contribute to the overall well-being of the company. Interviewers ask job seekers probing questions about firing experiences to see if candidates possess correct attitudes on the subject. Answer honestly regarding previous firing experiences. Interview moderators prefer open candor from applicants on the matter and use replies to determine levels of familiarity with the commonplace issue of terminating employees. Differing response methods typically prove most appropriate depending on whether or not prior experience terminating subordinates exists.

State The Truth

If You’ve Never Fired Somene
If candidates hold no history of ever personally firing anyone before, state the fact simply and openly. Follow up assertions with explanations of why employee termination becomes necessary in some situations. Express confidence in abilities to fire if the need arises. However, take care to acknowledge small levels of apprehension about dismissing employees. Interviewers often see applicants overeager to fire as unsympathetic to the plight of unemployed individuals. Though firing remains a real necessity in many situations, respondents should address the serious matter with appropriate consideration and solemnity to show empathy and maturity.

If You Have Fired Someone
Applicants who fired workers in the past should respond in a similar manner. However, individuals should discuss actual experiences as opposed to hypothetical scenarios. Center replies on company needs. Focusing on the necessity for professionalism and quality work ethics shows interviewers candidates understand how businesses continue to operate successfully after letting employees go. In addition, mention giving employees fair warnings and opportunities to improve or change behaviors beforehand to display awareness of appropriate disciplinary methods. Avoid describing enjoyment of firing processes.

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