How Long Do You Expect to Work for Us if Hired?

Job Interview Question and Answer: “How Long Do You Plan on Working Here?”

Employer Reasons for Asking

Companies are looking for employees who are likely to stay around for a long time. As such, they want to make sure that you intend to be a long-term employee before they invest in hiring and training you. Giving a detailed response that highlights your career aspirations lets interviewers know that you have no intention of leaving any time soon.

How to Respond to “How Long Do You Think You Will Work With Our Company?”

Discussing your career goals can help convince hiring managers that you hope to be a long-term employee. Mention all the things that attracted you to the job in the first place, and talk about how the position will allow you to become the type of skilled employee you want to be. You can also discuss your hopes to grow within the company after achieving your current goals.

Answers to Avoid

Refrain from giving vague responses when interviewers ask how long you plan to stay with the company. If you say that you want to work there “forever” or “for as long as possible,” employers may think you are lying about your intentions. Also, only discuss your goals for the next five years or less to avoid giving too many details about your plans.

Sample Responses for “How Long Do You Plan on Working Here?”

Inquiries about your future with the company can catch applicants off guard. Use the following examples to help you prepare an acceptable answer for this interview question.

Sample Job 1 – Assistant Teacher at a Daycare

“I plan on staying with the company for quite a while. Working with children has always been a passion of mine, and I am looking forward to connecting with all of the kids. I am currently studying Early Childhood Education at my college and would love to have my own class here someday once I finish my degree.”

Sample Job 2 – Server at a Restaurant

“If I get hired, I intend to work here for at least the next two years. My spouse is in the military, so we will likely be moving after that. In the meantime, though, I want to have a steady job that I enjoy. Since I love working with people and have an extensive customer service background, this job seems like a perfect fit.”

Sample Job 3 – Cashier at a Retail Store

“My goal is to work here for a long time. The various career advancement opportunities are what drew me to this position in the first place. I figured I would start with a cashier job and hopefully move up to a sales position within a year or so. From there, I would like to expand my skills until I am ready for a supervisory position. Eventually, I would like to have a management job with the company.”

Account for Changing Plans

Employers understand that outside situations may change your plans of working with them long-term. If you are likely to experience a move, deployment, or a similar event within the next year, it may be helpful to discuss eventually relocating to a different branch. That way, you can assure interviewers that you are committed to joining the company despite changing circumstances.

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  • maribel says:

    as long as i can

  • Parvesh says:

    Untill i require money – honestly

  • sofia says:

    I want to grow with the company & possibly get promoted to managment. I would like to be here long-term 🙂

  • Emran khan says:

    I see a life long career with this company if i have get much opportunity to build a better career for me.

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