How Long Will It Take You to Make a Significant Contribution to This Business?

Job Interview Question & Answer: How Long Will Until You Can Make an Impact?

How They Ask And Why

Employers often ask interview questions centered on the amount of time needed for newly hired to make significant contributions to work environments, policies, or quotas. Hiring personnel may ask “How long does it take for you to begin contributing in significant ways?” during the interview process. Take time before responding and consider specific job titles, industries, and overall expectations common to the type of work desired. Some jobs, such as factory work, medical positions, or clerical occupations, may demand immediate results, while professions like sales and marketing take longer to fully understand the impact of any one employee.

Never Give It Away Upfront
Regardless of occupation, candidates should avoid committing to immediate results unless completely confident in professional abilities, understandings of company protocols in the desired job, and the expectations typically placed on workers in similar occupational circumstances. Failure to live up to claims of immediate results often puts individuals in potentially negative situations and may even lead to termination.

Avoid Yes or No
Instead, avoid responding in “Yes” or “No” manners, research the types of responsibilities associated with the desired position, and create a plan for success specific to each job or duty. Share the step-by-step plan or plans with the interviewer and carefully outline how long the plans may take to yield full results. The method shows critical thinking skills, forethought, and genuine interest in the job in question. Detailing specific intentions on how to contribute to the workplace in positive and significant manners opens up the discussion to other topics and keeps hiring personnel engaged and interested.

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  1. anrym

    show the company that your dedicated to your job and have a potential to do the work and to be useful in the company in the present and to the future………..


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