How Well Do You Interact with Management?

Job Interview Question & Answer: How Do You Get Along with Your Managers?

Why Interviewers Ask

Hiring managers want to know if you can effectively communicate with your boss because it’s a core part of any job. Companies want employees who respond well to direction and feedback. Interviewers might ask this question as a follow-up to, “Do you work well with other people?” because both speak to your interpersonal skills.

How to Respond to Questions About Your Relationships with Supervisors

Positivity is key when answering questions about how you interact with your bosses. Even if your example involves a conflict, try to frame your reply in a way that shows how you resolved the issue productively. Talk about a specific anecdote that helps illustrate how you effectively communicate with your supervisors.

What Not to Say

It may be tempting to provide a generic answer like, “I always enjoy working with my manager,” but this doesn’t give the interviewer the context they need. What supervisors really want to know is how you interact with your superiors and if you can accept constructive criticism. A vague reply can seem like a cop-out and shows that you didn’t put much thought into it.

Sample Answers to “Tell Me About How You Work with Managers”

As you prepare for your job interview, consider these examples for how to answer this question. Keep in mind that your response should draw on personal experience and demonstrate how you will be an asset to the team.

Sample Answer 1 – Cashier in a Grocery Store

“At my last job, I helped run the front counter at a family friend’s pet grooming business. Since I already knew her, I felt comfortable going to my boss with questions or concerns. However, I struggled a bit the first time she pointed out a mistake in my work. She taught me to keep an open dialogue with my manager and that feedback and communication can only help me improve.”

Sample Answer 2 – Gas Station Manager

“I often worked solo at my previous gas station job, so I rarely saw my boss except for when we were switching shifts. Because of this, we had to communicate efficiently and clearly. If the owner or my manager called or left instructions, I knew it was important and worked hard to make it happen. In turn, they were always respectful and appreciative of my dedication.”

Sample Answer 3 – Fast Food Crew Member

“Working in a fast-paced kitchen can be stressful for managers and staff alike. I always try to keep in mind that supervisors are people, too, and they probably feel overwhelmed when things get hectic. If my boss seems frustrated during a busy period, I try to check in with them after things slow down to see if there’s anything I can do to help or improve in the future.”

Honesty Is Always Best

Questions about how you interact with management can be tricky. While you don’t want to badmouth a previous boss or make it seem like you’re difficult to work with, it’s also important to be honest. It’s unrealistic to think employees always get along perfectly with their supervisors. Just frame your answer in a way that shows interviewers that you are polite and diplomatic.

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  • morgan says:

    Tell them that you feel like managers are at their positions for a reason so they deserve the utmost respect and that you take what they say and put it to use as soon as possible

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