How Well Do You Interact with Management?

Job Interview Question & Answer

Why Employers Ask It

In order to perform up to task, employees must typically answer to managers on every level of employment. During the interview process, human resource personnel may attempt to gauge how a potential employee responds to manager interaction and direction. Remaining positive and relying on understanding, managers remain necessary for the overall success of a company and prove crucial to company infrastructure. Employees demonstrating an understanding of business hierarchy tend to gain a practical comprehension of everyday tasks and perform exceptionally well compared to employees choosing to complain or distrust bosses.

How To Answer

Highlight Positive Experiences
When asked how relationships with coworkers and direct supervisors were in the past, potential employees should answer honestly and with an emphasis on positive experiences. Relating negative moments with perceived bad managers from employee pasts tends to alert interviewers to undesirable qualifications and a tendency to focus on moral or personal disagreements that may continue on into new employment. All interpersonal relationships matter, as new employees face periods of adjustment and a desire to fit in. Manager expectations reflect employee understanding of following tasks and company goals. If asked how an employee should interact with management, aspirants should discuss the need of management as a guiding influence in the larger directive of succeeding individually and as a company in a competitive industry.

The Importance of Connections
All answers to questions focusing on interactions with management should include how relationships correlate to work performance. Personal connections, building friendships outside of work, and subjective relationships do not matter to interviewers building an employee base. While social connectivity proves important on a smaller scale, formal and work-related relationships matter more in the long run. Concentrating answers on the ability to understand different perspectives in running a business each day, respecting manager preferences for communication, and not complaining about a supervisor to fellow employees may prove key in hiring preference. Other topics to show understanding of include being open to feedback in the workplace, knowing criticism typically does not reflect personal attacks, and remembering that management remains human and may not always do what an employee thinks best, but remains necessary for company success.

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  1. morgan

    Tell them that you feel like managers are at their positions for a reason so they deserve the utmost respect and that you take what they say and put it to use as soon as possible


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