How Do You Propose To Compensate For Your Lack Of Experience?

Job Interview Questions and Answers: “How Will You Make up for Your Lack of Experience?”

Why Employers Ask about Your Lack of Experience

Some companies are willing to hire inexperienced workers to fill various roles. However, they want to know that you intend to work hard and learn the necessary skills to do the job well. Developing a strong answer to this question can also show interviewers that you are confident in your abilities and determined to succeed.

How to Answer “What Will You Do to Make Up for Your Lack of Experience?”

Doing some research on the position is a good starting point when answering this question. Read the job description carefully to see if any of your current skills and traits align with the requirements. You can also give a relevant example of a time when your abilities helped you excel in an unfamiliar situation or environment.

What Responses You Should Avoid

Steer clear of vague or cliche answers when responding to questions about your lack of experience. Generic statements like “I’m a fast learner” or “I am determined and hardworking” seem less genuine than responses with specific examples. Interviewers may think that you are just reciting basic stock answers rather than describing your actual work style.

Sample Answers for “How Do You Plan to Compensate for Your Lack of Experience?”

It can be difficult to produce a solid response when a hiring manager asks, “How will you compensate for your lack of experience?” Check out the following examples to get some ideas on how to shape your own response.

Sample Answer 1 – Hotel Receptionist

“Though I’ve never worked as a receptionist before, I think my experience as a restaurant hostess could be useful for this job. That role involved answering phones, booking reservations, and greeting and seating guests. This position requires some of the same abilities, so I am sure that with a little extra training, I can succeed in this role.”

Sample Answer 2 – Department Store Manager

“I have always had strong leadership qualities. I was the captain of my basketball team in school, and I was the student body president during my senior year. Being in charge of these organizations taught me the value of teamwork as well as how to guide others toward a common goal. I believe that these skills and ideals will serve me well in a management position.”

Sample Answer 3 – Barista at a Café

“I plan to make up for my lack of experience by paying careful attention to my trainers. I am a detail-oriented person, so I always take notes when I’m learning something new. I also take great pride in my work, so I intend to pick up as many shifts as I can, so I can practice my drink making and order taking skills until they become second nature.”

Ideas to Keep in Mind

Though it may be intimidating, the question “How will you compensate for your lack of experience?” gives you the chance to show employers that you are a good fit for the position. Make sure that your skills and work ethic aligns with the company’s goals. During the interview, answer this question with confidence and give relevant details that reflect your determination.

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