How Do You Propose To Compensate For Your Lack Of Experience?

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Ways To Prepare

Answering a question such as “How Do You Propose to Compensate For Your Lack Of Experience?” may appear as an imposing inquiry to a job seeker. A common misconception while job hunting, lacking experience relating to the position applied for does not constitute an immediate disqualification from consideration. In fact, procuring an interview dictates as such. Applicants must rely on a variety of different personal strengths and knowledge to impress hiring personnel. A key to preparation remains researching the background of a company, typical industry information, and relying on feedback from previous interviews, if possible.

Exude Confidence
Most interviewers ask questions of experience, or lack thereof, in order to gauge how a candidate reacts to a direct challenge. Candidates should rest assured that potential employers remain aware of the lack of direct experience, as scheduling interviews persistently rest on reviewing resumes. All answers should display confidence, though direct responses about hard work and intent to succeed may prove irrelevant. Answers should instead reflect ideology and resiliency based on relatable skills and proficiencies. Showing an affinity for learning on the job and responding accordingly to challenges proves valuable in growing in the position at hand.

Do Your Research
In order to counteract an assumption of not understanding the qualifications or necessities to perform a work role without defined experience, research similar positions in the same industry, if possible. Additionally, focus on the job description and qualifications in the job posting for further information. Base answers off acquired information in order to display an understanding for what the position typically requires in order to prove successful. Stating a willingness to learn the requisite skills and showing relatable experience, even indirect, in a concise and perfunctory manner may also prove valuable during the interview process. Using direct examples of learning on the job in the past or displaying genuine passion and positivity while learning a skill may influence receiving a job offer from the employer, as well.

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