How Do You Want to Improve Yourself in the Next Year?

Job Interview Question & Answer: What Would You Most Like to Improve About Yourself in the Future?

Why Managers Want to Know

When employers ask questions like “How do you think you could improve yourself?” they want to evaluate your self-awareness. Managers use this type of inquiry to get a feel for your priorities and interest in improving yourself personally or professionally. They also assess the severity of these perceived shortcomings and decide if you are a reliable fit for the job.

How You Should Answer “How Will You Improve Yourself in the Next Year?”

Employers understand that everybody has room for growth. The best way to answer “How do you want to improve in the next year” is to be honest. Discuss a fixable shortcoming along with ways to improve. Show that you are a proactive and responsible worker by acknowledging previous mistakes and explaining how you’ve adjusted your approach to these types of issues.

What Not to Include

Although many people fear talking about their shortcomings, the worst thing you could do is not answer the question or talk around it. Since you want to appear more focused on your professional skills, try not to only give personal examples. Also, avoid long pauses as it may give the interviewer the impression that you aren’t self-aware or honest about your areas of improvement.

Tips for Answering “What Would You Most Like to Improve About Yourself?”

During a job interview, the hiring manager might ask you to list a couple of areas of improvement or name a few things about yourself you need to work on. Here are some tips that can help you talk about work-related shortcomings with a potential employer:

  • Make your answer relate to the position you apply for so the employer can see your desire to grow in the industry.
  • Be specific when talking about your plan to improve and use examples that show sincere effort.
  • Put more emphasis on how you plan to combat your weakness rather than focusing on the flaw itself.
  • Show your confidence by staying positive and upbeat while discussing any weaknesses.
  • Set realistic goals that prove you can solve a problem logically.

Sample Responses to “How Will You Improve Yourself over the Next Year?”

Every job candidate has shortcomings. An employer’s hiring decision may be influenced by both the issue and how the candidate works through their perceived weakness. By reading through examples, you can better understand what to talk about when a manager asks you how you want to improve yourself in the next year.

Sample Answer 1 – Airline attendant

“Right now, I’m learning how to speak Spanish so I can communicate more easily with a larger number of people. I can read the language well and I know how to say general phrases, but I need to work more on using it in the real world. Becoming fluent in another language is one of my biggest professional goals because I think it will improve my ability to help others.”

Sample Answer 2 – Fashion retail employee

“I want to gain more experience in the fashion industry. To stay up to date with new trends, I follow many brands on social media and read a lot of different fashion magazines. Starting this fall, I’m taking a couple of marketing classes at the local community college so I can start earning my degree in fashion marketing, as well.”

Sample Answer 3 – Interior designer

“When I have a project that I enjoy, I sometimes have tunnel vision when getting through it. I’ll overwork myself by focusing too hard on the task at hand. To combat this, I’m learning how to take breaks and unwind. Every week, I take yoga classes to clear my mind. I also started scheduling breaks while I work so I can prevent feeling burnt out.”

Having a Plan

Because talking about improving yourself can feel vulnerable, preparing your answers for this type of question is essential. Think about the different skills you want to build and have a plan for how you want to achieve your goals. Being prepared shows an employer your motivation to become better and your ability to be self-aware.

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