What If You Get More Than One Job Offer?

Job Interview Question & Answer: How Will You Make Your Decision If You Get More Than One Job Offer?

What They Expect And How To Respond

Hiring managers commonly ask job seekers about other offers for work during interviews. Interviewers want to know how individuals anticipate handling the routine situation of entertaining multiple job offers. Speak honestly about submitting applications to other companies. Employers generally expect applicants to pursue multiple positions at once. However, interviewers also anticipate candidates know how to behave professionally and answer questions regarding other possible employment offers.

Exploring Your Options
One helpful, industry-standard response includes asking for time to consider available options. Employers normally allow applicants up to a week to decide on offers. If replying with said method, assure interviewers of immediately reporting contact from other companies. Pledge to avoid wasting time and to give final answers within specific amounts of time, typically within seven days. Make sure employers understand the full scopes of professional interests in working for the company at hand.

Weighing the Pros and Cons
When replying to questioners, candidates should also mention weighing the positives and negatives of each employment opportunity to determine the best fit. Interviewers generally respect applicants for desiring personal and professional growth through the most suitable jobs available. However, respondents should promise commitment to accepted job offers, as employers consider accepting positions and quitting immediately after hire because better offers opened up very unprofessional and lacking integrity. State intentions to choose the option most appropriate for all parties involved.

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  1. Jaylene

    i will only choose for one job,

  2. Latoya

    well if i get a second or third job i would leave the first because am tired of it


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