What If You Get More Than One Job Offer?

Job Interview Question and Answer: “What Will You Do if You Get More Than One Offer for This Position?”

Why Employers Ask About Multiple Job Offers

Interviewers ask this question to see your problem-solving skills in action. Watching you weigh the pros and cons of choosing one company over another can give hiring managers a glimpse of your decision-making process. It can also show them what motivates you as an employee, which may help them determine if you are a good fit for their organization.

How to Respond

To demonstrate how you would choose between two or more job offers, mention all the factors you would need to consider before making a decision. For example, you could discuss comparing each company’s:

  • Opportunities for career advancement
  • Proximity to your home
  • Online reviews from former employees
  • Values, goals and mission statements
  • Workplace culture
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Reputation within the community

Wrap up your answer by telling the interviewer that their company has many of the things you are looking for as an employee. That reassurance lets them know that you are likely to accept an offer if they plan to hire you.

Answers to Avoid for “How Will You Choose Between Two or More Job Offers?”

As you talk about comparing different job offers, avoid focusing on salary and employee benefits for too long. You can mention them briefly, but lingering on the subject may make employers think that you care more about the job’s perks than the position itself. Also, steer clear of one-sentence responses that fail to outline your thought process.

Sample Responses to “What If Another Company Offers You a Position?”

Here are some examples of acceptable answers to this question. Use these samples to help you shape your own list of criteria for choosing between multiple job offers.

Sample Job 1 – Courier Delivery Driver

“If I had to choose between two job offers, I would look online to see what former employees have to say about each company. I think a positive work environment and friendly coworkers are important, so that would be a big determining factor. A friend of mine used to work here, and they mentioned that the atmosphere was always upbeat and energetic. That’s why I chose to apply.”

Sample Job 2 – Smoothie Shop Drink Maker

“To decide between multiple jobs, I would need to know which company offers the most flexible hours. I am a college student, so I would choose the job that fits my school schedule best. Your company has evening shifts available, which is perfect for me since I take morning and afternoon classes during the week. Your shop is also close to campus, so I could come straight to work after class.”

Sample Job 3 – Pharmacy Stock Clerk

I would choose whichever company has more career growth opportunities. I will get my pharmacy technician credentials in a few months and would like to move up from a stocker to a tech after I finish my program. Eventually, I hope to become a certified pharmacist. Your company offers reimbursement for pharmacy courses, which is why I wanted to apply here.

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  • Jaylene says:

    i will only choose for one job,

  • Latoya says:

    well if i get a second or third job i would leave the first because am tired of it

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