How Would You Define Customer Service?

Job Interview Question & Answer: How Would You Describe Customer Service?

What to Expect From the Question

Most entry-level jobs involve one form of customer service or another. There are many ways to assist patrons, from quiet support to a more proactive approach. These differences often come up in the interview process.

Hiring managers who ask “How would you define customer service?” want to know that a job seeker’s style complements their own. Being able to work with the existing team is just as important as seeing to the needs of customers.

Preparing a Good Answer

Answering this job interview question requires thought. Some elements of a well-prepared response include:

  • A Definition – Since there are different ideas on how to define customer service, candidates should pick a main concept to focus on.
  • An Example – A specific instance of how interviewees have demonstrated or witnessed great service is essential.
  • A Way to Relate to The Company – The best responses show how the right customer service skills will suit the company’s job requirements.

Things to Avoid

The worst thing to do when responding to “What does customer service mean to you?” is be vague. Candidates who have little to no job experience can use other real-life examples. It’s even acceptable to point out excellent service someone else provided if necessary.

Job hopefuls also shouldn’t rely too heavily on cliches. Talking in broad terms about concepts like communication and conflict resolution might appear empty without concrete evidence.

Example Responses

Below are a few sample answers to “How would you describe customer service?” Applicants can use these as a guide but should not copy or memorize them. Rehearsed or canned replies sound hollow and may impede the hiring process.

Sample Answer 1 – Department Store Job

“To me, patience and product knowledge are the best ways to serve customers. My greatest experience shopping here was the time a worker helped me put together a costume for a play. I needed something in a steampunk style and had a lot of unique requests.”

“The employee was honest, listened well, and had an understanding of the store. I found the perfect clothes in a flash. Ever since that, I’ve always tried to treat customers in a similar way. Plus, I come here a lot, so I already know the inventory.”

Sample Answer 2 – Cashier at a Fast Food Restaurant

“I would define customer service as meeting a person’s needs efficiently with a good attitude. I used to volunteer at my high school’s concession stand, and people got antsy if the lines were long. I realized being friendly put them at ease. Filling orders quickly and correctly helped too. These skills will serve me well in this job.”

Key Takeaways

Job seekers have to remember a few points when defining customer service. Make sure the definition is clear, support it with a real example, and link it to the company’s values or duties of the position. Prepare for the interview question by putting thought into it.

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