How Would You Describe Your Work Style?

Job Interview Question & Answer: How Would You Describe Your Work Style?

Reason for the Question

Managers typically ask a question like, “What type of work style do you have?” to understand how you might accomplish your day-to-day job duties. The question also allows applicants to show how confident they are in their methods and abilities.

How to Respond

Employers are looking for brief, honest answers that detail how your work style could benefit the company. It’s important to show versatility in your performance, so try to base your response around the position you’re looking to gain.

If the job is fast-paced and requires multitasking, share how your methods would aid you in that environment. If the position involves working entire shifts without much social contact, explain how you might modify your work style to fit the job.

Responses to Avoid

Vague or dishonest answers can affect your chances of getting the position, so always provide truthful, concrete examples that highlight your abilities. Also, responses that show an unwillingness to modify or improve your work style to fit the job could leave a negative impression with interviewers.

Sample Responses To “How Would You Describe Your Work Style?”

Spend some time thinking about your work style and how it has helped you in previous jobs. Try to come up with a few examples to share with the manager during your job interview. Use the following sample responses as a guide to help you create your own effective answer:

Sample Answer 1 – Cable Installer

“I’ve always had a versatile work style regardless of what type of job I’m doing. I’m a self-sufficient employee who can handle the responsibility of working independently, but I also feel comfortable working with team members to get things done. Becoming a cable installer feels like the perfect match for someone with my particular work style.”

Sample Answer 2 – Casino Dealer

“I’m a people person who thrives in fast-paced environments, and my work style reflects that. I learned early on that I work well under pressure, especially around high-energy crowds. I’m always vigilant and aware of my surroundings, and that helps me stay calm and collected even when things are busy.”

Sample Answer 3 – Insurance Agent

“I would describe my work style as very detail-oriented. I have a great memory when it comes to numbers, and I always try to communicate as clearly as possible when working with customers. I can usually tell when facts or figures seem off, and I always strive to find the correct answer for a client.”

Things to Keep in Mind

When responding to an interview question like, “How would you describe your work style?” it’s important to stay positive. A straightforward answer shows you have confidence in your abilities. If you need to adjust your work style to align with the company’s needs, respond with how you plan to adjust to this new role, so the manager knows that you’re willing to improve or modify your approach.

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