How Will You Earn the Respect of Your Co-Workers?

Job Interview Question & Answer: How Would You Go About Establishing Credibility with the Team?

Why Employers Want To Know

When hiring new people, employers may wonder if prospective workers will fit in and earn the current staff’s respect. To address this concern, an interviewer might ask, “How will you earn the trust of your coworkers?” Employers also use this question to see how well you can make connections and to analyze your problem-solving skills.

Different Ways To Answer

When it comes to earning the respect of fellow employees, consider your past coworkers, bosses, or teachers. What did they do, or what traits did they have that made you admire them? Use those examples or channel those characteristics as something you hope to achieve. You can also discuss your level of knowledge or skills since competent employees are often very credible.

If you’re applying for a management role, an interviewer might ask you a question like, “How would you establish credibility with the team?” Applicants should be honest and courteous. Prepare for this question with examples of past problems you have solved. Candidates for a management job can also provide their credentials while clarifying that qualifications alone don’t earn respect.

What To Avoid

You may know a lot about a particular field or have great skills, but that doesn’t mean you automatically deserve admiration from fellow employees. Fairness and courtesy go a long way with coworkers. Avoid demanding someone’s respect no matter what role you have in the company. Make sure the employer knows you intend on working for that trust.

Tips for Answering “How Would You Establish Credibility with the Team?”

There are various ways to earn trust with coworkers and supervisors in a company. Mutual respect often determines whether employees can get along and complete tasks successfully. Employers want to know how you intend on establishing that credibility with the team if hired. Here are some easy ways to build trust among your fellow workers:

  • Prove you are reliable by arriving on time, replying to emails, answering phone calls, and completing assigned tasks promptly.
  • Show common courtesy by saying hello, holding the door, offering to chip in on lunch, and acknowledging others’ input by thanking them directly.
  • Respect that employees have a personal life outside of work by not calling or texting them after they have clocked out.
  • Refrain from complaining about the job, bringing up awkward personal topics, or getting involved in office drama to keep a positive attitude at all times.
  • Treat everyone the same no matter where their job title falls in the hierarchy.

Sample Responses to “How Do You Earn the Respect of Coworkers and Supervisors?”

Reading through examples of how to answer this common interview question can help you develop your own response. Here are some sample answers you can check out for inspiration:

Sample Answer 1 – Manager at a Grocery Store

“I think the best way to establish credibility with any team is clear communication and good listening skills. When I’m starting a project, I explain the steps in detail to employees and often go with them to show them what I mean if needed. When an issue arises, I handle it immediately, and I listen to everyone involved so I can make my decisions carefully.”

Sample Answer 2 – Sales Associate at a Retail Store

“I believe the best way to earn respect from my coworkers and supervisors is to be helpful and always do what I say I’m going to do. The person who trained me at my first job helped me all the time, even when she moved on to training another employee.”

“When I had questions or needed a refresher, she always came back to help me. I trusted her and respected her a lot. If hired, I want to help my coworkers be the best they can be and assist customers efficiently, so they always come back to the person and company they trust.”

Rank and Respect

Most employees have high regard for executive positions, such as business owners and CEOs. Managers have to earn the trust of their employees, while coworkers must earn one another’s respect. Showing common courtesy is a universal way to solve the issue among all ranks. If employers trust you can get along well with others, they will see you as a promising addition to their team.

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