How Will You Earn the Respect of Your Co Workers?

Job Interview Question & Answer: How Would You Go About Quickly Establishing Credibility with the Team?

Where You Fit In

During the interview process, employers naturally wonder if prospective workers will fit in with and earn the respect of current associates. To address the issue of fitting in and earning respect, interviewers commonly ask, “How would you go about quickly establishing credibility with the team?” The interview question forces job seekers to think about the most effective ways in which newly hired employees form connections with coworkers or direct reports. Employers also use the question to check for planning and problem-solving skills, which most jobs require in some way.

Draw From Past Experiences
Formulating an effective answer to the question often starts with thinking about the actions, behaviors, and words of highly admired coworkers or bosses from past jobs. Think about the ways in which former colleagues or supervisors went about establishing credibility and use the specific examples in the response. Interviewees may also respond to the question effectively by highlighting possession of relevant knowledge and abilities, as the most capable employees often make the most credible ones as well. The question therefore provides the opportunity to keep the interview focused on the sought-after job skills of the applicant in addition to the specific examples gleaned from past work experiences.

For Potential Managers
For managerial and supervisory candidates in particular, interview questions about establishing credibility also offer opportunities to highlight planning and problem solving skills. In anticipation of the question, job seekers may want to consider researching the desired position and creating a written plan of the most important actions to take if hired. Arriving at the interview with a well-researched written plan for establishing credibility on the job will demonstrate thorough preparation, an interest in solving problems, and the ability to analyze situations accurately.

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