If You Could Work For Any Company, Where Would You Work?

Job Interview Question & Answer: If You Could Have Any Job in The World, What Would It Be?

What Employers Want to Know

During an interview, an employer might ask a question like, “If you could work for any company, which one would you work for?” While it may seem like a trick question, managers ask about dream jobs to gauge an applicant’s career aspirations. Your answer lets employers see how well the position you’ve applied for matches your future plans.

How To Answer

Keep answers concise and focus on the position to show the hiring manager that you’ve thought about this role with an eye to the future. Be honest about your career goals. No one expects you to talk about a specific company as your ultimate dream job. However, emphasizing a desire to fulfill similar responsibilities makes it an appropriate response.

What Not To Mention

Keep personal preferences for specific companies out of the interview and avoid mentioning competitors. Instead, describe what that other company does in general terms. Also, don’t tell the manager you want to have their job directly. It’s okay if you want the same position someday, but frame your response in terms of paying your dues and earning promotions over time.

Tips for Answering “What is Your Ideal Place to Work?”

When discussing your dream job in front of a potential employer, concentrate on the position in question. Companies like applicants who show a strong, genuine interest in their mission and values. Focus on your current skills and those you’ll develop on the job, but don’t give the impression that you see a role with their business as a stepping stone to greater opportunities.

If you feel stuck answering this question, here are some tips to help you discuss career aspirations during an interview:

  • Research the company and check out different positions. Consider what roles you might like to have one day.
  • Read up on the business’s mission and values, then consider which ones align with your own. Talk about how those values inspire your work ethic or career aspirations.
  • Think about what your workday schedule will be in this position and what you can expect for your career in the future. Do you favor routine or spontaneity? Would you like to set your own hours or work a 9 to 5?
  • Consider the setting where you do your best work. Do you prefer working alone, as part of a group, at a quick pace, or with a lot of predictability.
  • Take some time to explore what motivates you and sparks your interest. Speak in general terms about what part of your ideal workplace encourages you to perform well.

Sample Responses to “If You Could Work For Any Company, Where Would You Work?”

Read the following examples to help you answer interview questions about your ideal place to work:

Sample Answer 1 – Mechanic at an Auto Shop

“I’ve always loved working with my hands and solving difficult problems, and I have a knack for fixing cars. I used to help my dad out in his shop when I was younger, and he taught me everything I know about working on cars. One day, I hope to own my own shop, so I can do what I love and solve problems for others.”

Sample Answer 2 – Sales Associate at a Clothing Store

“If I could work for any company, I’d want to join a brand that celebrates the passion and talents of its employees. As a fashion student, I embrace creativity, whether that means dressing up to grab people’s attention or going out of your way to advertise a brand. Companies that value the work their employees do make me want to do even better for my employer.”

Do Your Research and Be Honest

To prepare for this question, do your research on the company and the type of job you want now and in the future. Once you have an answer in mind, practice your response. Be truthful without just telling the interviewer what you think they want to hear. Focus on the specific skills and duties of the position and the values of the company that align with your expectations and career goals.

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